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10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

Cities, 10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

Your birthday is right around the corner, and you don’t feel like being at home for it this year. You want to get away from home as far as you can and have a great time, and what better way do you know of celebrating your birthday than by taking a birthday trip? The United States has so many beautiful cities and sites that you can explore while having fun, and there are so many options to choose from. Here are the top 10 cities in the United States to think about going to for your birthday and have the most fun!

1. New York City

One of the most popular cities in the United States to celebrate your birthday is in one of America’s most beloved cities: New York. New York is one of the most upscale, sophisticated cities in the United States that come with so many things you can do for your birthday. Hit the town in Manhattan for a luxurious shopping spree. Climb the Empire State Building. Take a ride on the water while sipping a mimosa on the New York Harbor Lights Evening Cruise, and then finish the day off by going to a fancy bar with several drinks! New York City has endless options for you to choose from to have the best birthday ever. You won’t be disappointed!

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

2. Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a place where you really want to have the utmost fun while also having some exciting adventures and maybe get yourself into a little bit of trouble in the process, Las Vegas is the place to be! At the heart of Nevada, Las Vegas is known for its incredible and beautiful sites with so many places to have fun that only adults can experience. Whether you’re taking a walk on the Vegas Strip, going to their most popular casinos, or dancing the night away at their most popular nightclubs, Las Vegas will accentuate vibes that will practically call out towards you to indulge in endless fun and lots of drinking. But don’t forget, no matter what you do, what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas!

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

3. Los Angeles

The next best place to visit for your birthday is the very foundation of the television and filming industry: Los Angeles. Take a chance to experience the amazing companies around Los Angeles that contribute to the famous and notable reputation of its notoriety. Los Angeles offers tours of some of its most acclaimed studios that create the best movies, such as Universal and Paramount Pictures. Visit the area of Los Angeles where stardom is literally right at your feet: the Hollywood Walk of Fame! And consider enjoying a much-needed shopping trip to one of Los Angeles’ well-known shopping centers, Neiman Marcus. Enjoy all of these spectacular events and attractions, and maybe even hope to have the chance of taking a selfie with your favorite celebrities!

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

4. New Orleans

If the nighttime area is your scene and you want a place where all of the fun is endless with dancing, singing, and drinking, New Orleans is your next go-to destination trip for your birthday. The City of Big Easy is known for its vibrant, crazy, and upbeat nightlife where the party never stops. Treat yourself to a few beignets in New Orleans’ most notable cafe Cafe Du Monde. Dance the night away with its crazy-fun music. Have a couple of bottles of beer to intensify the night. To really end the night of your birthday in the most incredible and fun-filled way, take part in its amazing and festive street parties and let loose! And if your birthday is around late winter, you’ll enjoy the festivities of New Orleans even more by partaking in the joyful and jubilant Mardi Gras! Spending a few days in Nola will surely live you with a great deal of pleasure and fun!

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

5. Orlando

Head towards the south of the US and soak up some sun while lounging on the beach in Orlando, FL! Orlando is known for its amazing attractions and the numerous theme parks that surround the area. Start your week of birthday fun by visiting the theme park that got it all started: Walt Disney World. Meet your favorite Disney characters and enjoy the festivities and activities of the most magical place in the world. Visit Universal Studios to enjoy the rides and attractions within the park that’s inspired by the entertainment industry. Or if you decide that you just want to enjoy a great swim in the water, then head over to some of their most renowned water parks like Aquatica and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. The warmth of the sun will accompany you during your whole trip while also experience the best fun possible in one of the world’s most beloved cities.

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

6. Miami

Orlando isn’t the only city in Florida that has loads of fun-filled activities for you to partake in for your birthday this year. Miami is another great place for you to travel to for your birthday trip for a chance to enjoy the hot and beautiful weather. Being one of Florida’s top destination vacation spots, Miami is known for its tempting sites and activities, such as their fun and trendy nightlife down in South Beach and its sports events. Take a tour of Art Deco and engage in some fun water activities like jet-skiing and parasailing! Miami can give you all of the excitement and adventure you are looking for that will spark up your birthday.

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

7. Chicago

If you just want to gain some knowledge about a city’s history and cultural background, then Chicago is the next best place for you to visit for your birthday. Chicago is known for its plethora of museums and its amazing melting pot of various foods for you to indulge yourself in. Take a tour of Chicago Museums and art and discover and learn more about antiquated Egyptian tombs, impeccable works of art, the profundities of space, and more. Take a minute to listen and embrace the streets of Chicago by listening and embracing their jazz music played frequently to captivate pedestrians. Once you’re hungry, fill your stomach up with some of Chicago’s best food, most notably their deep-dish pizza. Get to expand your knowledge and learn more about one of America’s most prominent cities while also kicking back and having a ball for your birthday.

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10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

8. Atlanta

Take a bite out of a peach and step into a whole new place with flare and excitement for your birthday: Atlanta, GA! Known as a city with so much historical and history-making backgrounds, Atlanta is a place that definitely deserves a lot of recognition. Get VIP Tours to get exclusive behind-the-scenes knowledge and learn everything you need to know about Atlanta. Entwine in the beautiful performing arts of Atlanta by going to shows at the Alliance Theater. Head over to Centennial Olympic Park to view the beautiful scenery as well as listen to live music and dance. And then kick off the night by hitting up some of their popular and entertaining nightclubs such as Gold Room Nightclub and Tongue & Groove. Enjoy all of these amazing festivities within Atlanta and make sure to live the best life on your birthday!

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

9. Honolulu

For your birthday, if you’re looking for a tropical getaway with naturistic features for you to embrace, then your next destination location for your birthday is Honolulu, HA. Hawaii’s capital itself is known for its divine cuisine, nightlife, shopping,  its notorious crescent sea shore supported by palms and relaxing and luxurious hotels, with volcanic Diamond Head crater just out there in the distance. Have a coconut drink while relaxing on the beach. Enjoy a massage from the comforts of your hotel room, and then end your birthday with a few drinks at the tiki bar and then partake in a lively luau! Honolulu will fulfill your tropical fantasy and will also give you a taste of paradise, the perfect way to celebrate your birthday!10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

10. Charleston, SC

One last place that you might want to consider paying a visit to for your birthday this year is a place where you can enjoy extremely hot weather while also taking advantage of their fun, local activities: Charleston, SC. Charleston is known for its astounding attractions, historical landmarks, and museums. Take some time to explore the French Quarter and learn something new with a tour guide. Hitch a ride on a horse and buggy and ride around town and see the historical sites and the roles the city played during the Civil War with an Old South Carriage Historic Tour. If you should happen to stay the weekend out there, wake up on Saturday morning and satisfy your taste buds by visiting Carmella’s for a Saturday Morning Cocktail Crawl. The history behind Charleston and its attractive tours will be sure to leave you with a lot of memories on your birthday that you will never forget.

10 Cities In The United States To Go To For Your Birthday

Your birthday is the one day out of the year where you can do whatever you want, but do it somewhere where you’ll find the best amount of fun, excitement, and joy. Break the limits of fun and enjoy your special day in any one of these fun-filled, thrilling US cities!

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