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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near WVU

West Virginia is a state that has always been known to be “Wild and Wonderful.” At WVU, the same can be said in our beautiful city of Morgantown. Below is a list of places you can explore when you want to get away from all of the stresses of school, need a cool date idea, or just want to get to know the area with some friends. Whichever you choose to do, your wallet won’t be taking a hit, as all of these are cheap, and sometimes, free!! Keep reading for 15 cheap and fun date ideas near WVU!

1. Watch the star show at the WVU Tomchin Planetarium and Observatory.

For over 30 years, the WVU Planetarium and Observatory has been giving the people of West Virginia a look into what lies above us. It is on top of White Hall, and seats fill up fast! If you go to their website, you can find showtimes and make a reservation for a show!

2. Explore the WVU Core Arboretum.

These scenic trails are located near the WVU Coliseum and across from the WVU creative arts center. These trails are absolutely a must-see during the fall with the leaves that have changed colors. Some parts of the trait overlook the Monongahela River, and also offers cliff trails and an Amphitheater. Check out their site here.

3. Pick some of the 50 species of wildflowers at Cathedral State Park.

Cathedral State Park boasts many activities year-round, but their greatest feature has to be the wildflowers. They offer 6 miles of hiking trails, and allows for beautiful hiking and photography opportunities. Check out their site here.

4. Hike to the Coopers Rock overlook, at a 1,200 drop to the mile-wide gorge below.

Rocky cliffs overlooking the Cheat River Gorge and Morgantown area make for an awfully romantic view. You can picnic, hike, climb 30 boulders throughout the trails, and much much more. Check out their site here.

5. Climb to the site of a Civil War battle at Cannon Hill.

This is a great site for all of the history junkies out there! The website for this area is an article, but it lets you get to know why this Civil War Battle site is there and the history behind it. For more information, click here.


6. Climb to Sky Rock at Dorsey’s Know for a 360 degree panoramic view of Morgantown.

This awesome spot stands nearly 600 feet above valleys and trees, which allows you a full 360 degree view of Morgantown. Besides this, the park features trails, disk golf, and an interactive playground. Check out their site here.

7. Go white water rafting on the Cheat River.

With multiple rafting paths to follow, this may the one of the best dates on the list! The Cheat River allows you to see 13 miles of wilderness and whitewater adventure. Here, you can engage in rafting, swimming, rock jumping and climbing, paintball, and riverside picnicking. For more information, click here.

8. Paint your own pottery at the WOW Factory.

The best thing here, besides the things to do, has to be that you can just walk in anytime. Whether you’re looking for a quick date, or a fun one, this is the place to go, no matter the weather! There is more than just pottery though, so you may want to make several visits to get it all in! Check out their site here.

9. Take a zip line canopy tour at the WVU Research Forest.

Conquer your fear of heights with this canopy zip line tour of the WVU Research Forest! The website link gives you a course layout and tips on how to prepare for the tour! Definitely a must-do! I loved it! Check out their site here.

10. Create a custom piece of pottery at Zenclay.

At Zenclay, you can take pottery classes, or if you’re skilled, can just start making your own pottery! This is a great way to relieve stress, and it’s even better with a partner! Check out their site here.

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11. Enjoy the beautiful gardens at the West Virginia Botanic Garden.

Girls like flowers. Need I say more? The Botanic Garden is open from dawn to dusk, so a stroll through right before sunset would be super romantic! It has to be one of the most Instagram worthy date ideas near WVU! Check out their site here.

12. Enjoy the ducks at the Star City Riverfront Park.

Bonus points if you take something to feed them with! And waterfalls?? How cute! Check out their site here.

13. Get a taste of Broadway with the WV Public Theatre.

With 3 different plays coming up, one of them is sure to be a hit! Check out their website for more details! Check out their site here.

14. Tour the Art Museum of WVU.

Now featuring, Independent Vision: Self-Taught Artists from Appalachia through December 15, this art is a great way to view the art coming from our area! Be sure to get there with enough time to spare, because there are 100 pieces in this exhibit. Check out their site here.

15. Bird watch at Cranesville Swamp.

Seriously the prettiest place on this list. You may have better luck here in the spring, so you can see the wide array of birds migrating back home for the summer! For more information, click here.

Which of these date ideas near WVU are your favorite? Comment below and share the article!
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