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5 Television Shows You’ve Been Missing Out On

Finding new television shows nowadays is difficult, especially since we’ve been stuck in the house for the last year. My family has started watching all the old shows from the ’70s and ’80s because my parents grew up watching them. I have grown to really like most of them, so I figured I’d include them here for you guys to watch.

Most of these television shows have been remade, but the remake is usually just as good as the original. Or, at least, I think they are. My parents don’t, but that’s because they grew up watching the original, so that makes sense. There are more shows out there that are just as good, but I’ve seen these ones before.

1. Hawaii Five-O (1968)

The new Hawaii Five-O ended last year, and my family watched every single episode. It was a big deal in my family. When we ran out of episodes to watch and watch again, my parents told us about the original series. I didn’t think I would like this television series because it started thirty years before I was even born.

We started watching the first episode and I fell in love with it. The series is on Netflix. The show lasted for twelve seasons, each with at least fifteen episodes. This television series will take a while to finish, but I think it was well worth it. As obsessed as my family was with the new series, we loved the old one just as much.

The series is basically a cop show. Steve McGarrett is the main police officer and Danno is his partner. They, obviously, live in Hawaii, and they go around capturing the bad guys. That is the whole plot of the show. It doesn’t sound like much, but every episode is different, and some piggyback off of previous episodes.

2. Dynasty (1981)

This is another series that has been remade in the last couple of years. Elizabeth Gillies is the main character in the new series, so my sister and I immediately jumped on it. My mother kept complaining about how much better the original was than the newer series, so we found the old series to watch.

It’s on Amazon Prime, and it’s nine seasons long. Each season is about twenty episodes long. I still like the newer series better, but that’s because I like the cast more. The old series is still amazing, and the plot makes more sense. I really recommend either of these television series because they both bring different ideas to the show.

Dynasty is about a powerful oil tycoon and his life. He gets married to a much younger woman, and his daughter despises both of them because of it. The whole series revolves around their lives and the bad things they do, to each other and to other people.

3. Cagney and Lacey (1982)

We started watching this show because it came on after our favorite show, Cold Case, at five o’clock every day of the week. My parents aren’t huge fans of this show, and they didn’t even like it back in the ’80s. This show, unfortunately, doesn’t have a remake yet, but it is still good enough to watch.

I think it’s cool seeing shows that are focused on females in male-dominated professions, especially as police officers. Even now, it’s not something we see a lot in real life, though it is a little more common now. I would love to see a remake of this show with a different group of main characters. I think it would be worth making.

This is another cop show, but this is focused on the females of the New York City police. Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey are the first two female officers in New York City. This show follows them on their day-to-day lives and how they’re treated by other officers.

4. M*A*S*H (1972)

This is definitely one of the best television shows my family watches. This is a comedy show about the Korean War. Most of the episodes are funny, but some of them touch upon the seriousness of war. It is definitely a show I would recommend watching.

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A lot of people don’t like the fact that M*A*S*H is a comedy because they think the show is making fun of war. That’s not the point of the show, though. The show is telling us how these doctors made it through the war by making jokes, but the jokes weren’t making fun of the war.

Alan Alda wrote most of the episodes himself, so even the episodes that aren’t supposed to be funny, have a slightly comedic sense to them. This series follows the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital around. They use jokes as a coping mechanism when saving soldiers who have gotten injured.

5. Magnum, P.I. (1980)

Magnum, P.I. is one of my mom’s favorite television shows because her favorite actor, Tom Selleck, is the main character. This is another show that has a remake. I haven’t watched the new one yet, but the original is definitely worth watching.

This show only has about eight seasons, and each season is about fifteen episodes long. So it’s not quite as long as most series from the ’80s, but it is just as good. I recommend watching this show first before you watch the remake, but it doesn’t really matter for the plot.

The show is about Thomas Magnum, a private investigator, who lives in the guest house of Robin Masters, in Hawaii. He picks and chooses what cases he takes for his job, but he does a good job on the ones he picks. He only has two friends on the entire island, but those two friends help him solve most of the cases.

These television shows are just a few of what we watch during the week, but we love these the most. What television shows are you guys watching? Comment down below and help me decide on my next show!

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