The Typical Day Of A Rutgers Student

Being a Rutgers student, is an experience that no one could possibly imagine unless they are fortunate enough to be experiencing it on their own. We are students who take diversity, school spirit, and passion to new heights. We are one of the biggest schools in the country, have a B1G ten athletic program, and are recognized academically across the globe. No one can experience what we are fortunate enough to unless they are living here everyday throughout the year, because we are Rutgers, and we are the definition of a Scarlet Knight. When it’s not game day, and we aren’t covering the town in red, we are typical college students, but here at Rutgers we hold on to the diverse things that we do everyday close to our hearts. Mondays though, definitely not our things…

Woke up at 7:50, forgetting about your 8 A.M. on a different campus.

Oh don’t we all just love our 8 ams… but here at Rutgers they hold different meaning because we love this little thing called the bus system!! This lovely system makes us 20 extra minutes late, and has us thinking that we definitely could run there faster, or should just sleep in… you then make it onto route 18 and discover that somehow there is traffic at 8 a.m, (or any hour of the day)… makes total sense.

Eating breakfast… It’s called takeout and it is a blessing

Get back from your lovely class and suddenly remember that functioning without coffee just simply is not possible because your hair looks like you haven’t showered in 2 days (which is definitely true because you know you didn’t move from your bed on Sunday until dinner and the library). So the Rutgers student knows Brower takeout is the only way to go, because broke college students, and NJ BAGELS!!!


We love Kilmer’s Market!!

We are willing to take a bus to Livingston at the most inconvenient time of day because who doesn’t love meal swipes and bacon chicken ranch?!


We realize that what has taken up majority of our day is eating and being on a bus so that calls for a nap, but hey binge watch Netflix??? Duh. But then college student responsibilities kick in and you shower and run to the library.

Expository Writing

A favorite of the Rutgers student, am I right?! This class is the reason our GPAS Freshmen year starts off in the gutter, and you question your understanding of English a little bit more each time you get your grade back.


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Walking a couple miles a day is a normal thing.

We are craving ice cream from Thomas Sweet, the lunch special at The Sushi Room, Pizza from ANYWHERE, a cookie from Cookie Crush, Starbucks, or Dunkin that is in downtown New Brunswick. No matter how cold it is, a snack always wins, so we don’t mind taking two mile trips to Easton Ave or down George Street before we get to deal with our second part of the day.

Penn State who?

It isn’t a day at Rutgers until you hear people chanting about Penn State, especially with them coming to end our home games here at The Rut!


Some of these things may seem like Rutgers is just like any school, but don’t mistake the realization that this place is like no other. Because of Fat Sandwiches at 2 a.m when you’re coming home from a night out or just because you want food is a normal thing. We live for the Knight Wagon and Starbucks truck to be parked on our side streets at random times during the week. Rutgers students shake our stadiums with chants like no other. We wear our school name and color with a sense of pride and excitement. We are Rutgers University, and a day in the life of a student here, is the best decision we all have made in our lives. Go RU!!

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Morgan Rue

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