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Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner. The goblins and ghost are getting ready to come out and play. 

It’s hard to be creative every year when it comes to finding a new Halloween costume. Especially for college kids who go out three+ nights a week. That means you’ll need three different costumes for Halloweekend. Costumes can add up and if you are a Halloween fanatic like me, then you’ll want to go all out. 

There are the basic cat costumes that everyone will roast girls for wearing but honestly, being a cat is simple and easy. So if thats what you want, then rock it. If you are looking for something just as quick, you’ve come to the right place. 

These Halloween costume ideas are perfect for anyone. You can alter them to your style, age and occasion too. They don’t require a large amount of things and you can customize them to you. 

Halloween is the one time out of the year that you can be anybody. You can change into the person you’ve secretly wanted to be or maybe even your alter ego. It doesn’t matter what age you are, Halloween is meant for fun. It’s a time of year to get creative and step out of your comfort zone. 

These Halloween costume idea can be thrown together last minute or if you are planning, can be made for perfection. And the best part? They won’t break your bank! You might even have some of the things you’ll need laying around in your closet already. 

Halloween is much more fun when you let loose and enjoy yourself. So get dressed up, attend a gathering, go to a bar and rock one of these Halloween costume ideas. I promise you won’t regret it. 

1. Cupid 

Being cupid is such a cute and fun idea. It’s also really simple. All you need is a cute pink or red shirt. You can pair it with a leather skirt to be edgy or even a pair of shorts with hearts on them if you have. Throw on a pair of white fuzzy wings and make an arrow out of cardboard. It’s really simple and won’t take you longer than an hour tops to put it all together. You can get creative with your makeup too by using pink and red eyeshadows, red lipstick and even glitter. Even throwing on a pair of red heart sunglasses would be adorable. 

Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

2. Newspaper 

Sounds silly but could be fun. The newspaper printed clothing has been really popular lately and even celebrities are wearing it. But if you don’t have that you could wrap newspaper around you and rock it as a shirt. Then with red writing, write GOOD or BAD across the paper. This is a perfect costume for you and a friend. Good news and bad news. You can choose which one you are! Or if you want, you can write FAKE across the newspaper and be fake news. The journalist in me is screaming because I love this idea so much! 

3. Cereal Killer 

My friends and I were this for Halloween and it really was a hit. Basically dress up as the cereal you want to be like a bunny for  Trix or a tiger for Frosted Flakes. Then cover yourself in blood and carry around a fake knife and your box of cereal. It’s a really great conversation starter and you’ll get to snack on cereal all night long. This is a great group costume because there are a ton of different cereals to choose from. It’s definitely not your average costume. 

4. Circus People

With this Halloween costume idea, you’ll get to channel The Greatest Showman. Not only was the movie great but it’s really funny dressing up as a ring leader. This idea is also great for a group of friends. You can all be different yet have the similar vibe. Sometimes group costumes mean everyone looks exactly the same, with this one, there are endless possibilities. Dress with black and white high-knee socks, crazy hats and more. You can also have fun with your makeup for this costume.

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Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

5. Roadkill

This one is a funny one. Dress up as an animal of your choice. More so one that would be crossing the road like a squirrel, raccoon, deer, etc. So wear a pair of fuzzy ears or even fuzzy hand mits. Then wear some ripped fished nets and ripped clothing with some fake blood splattered on your body. And boom, you’re roadkill. You can make it look super cute but it’s also something different than most people. This is also simple because all you really need is a pair of fuzzy ears. You can basically wear all black clothing if you wanted. It’s totally up to you. 

6. Pirate 

Paging Jack Sparrow. Pirates are such an easy go-to because you don’t really need much. Throw on a pair of fishnets, wrap a red bandana around your head and you can even wear a white flowy shirt to channel that pirate look. It’s so simple and can be thrown together last minute. Grab a sword and you’re good to go. You can even wear an eyepatch, which are really inexpensive, if you wanna embody the whole pirate look. 

Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

7. Prom Queen 

It’s high school forever ladies. A prom queen outfit is so adorable. You get to be such a girly girly for this costume. Wear a sparkly dress and buy a crown. You might even have the dress laying around in your closet and if you don’t, your friend probably does. Then just make a sash that says prom queen. It’s easy and can definitely be thrown together last minute if needed. 

8. A Ghost 

Don’t knock this one because it is probably the simplest. Buy a giant white t-shirt and draw two black holes and a mouth. There you have it. You’re a simple ghost. This could literally be thrown together within minutes. Pair it with some knee-high black boots and call it a night. Trust me, its probably the comfiest costume yet. It feels like a night gown. 

Don’t be afraid to have fun on Halloween. Take these costumes and put your own twist on them. You can even match with your girlfriends. Leave a comment and tell us which Halloween costume ideas are your favorite!

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