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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Pressured To Party In College

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Pressured To Party In College

Along with the many benefits and fun times college has to offer, it also offers a reciprocated amount of stress and decisions to make. There are many good things awaiting, but with the good also comes the bad so you should never feel pressured to do anything that makes you uncomfortable and should always make the decisions that make you feel safe and right. Many of these difficult decisions come with the bountiful amounts of parties in college. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel pressured to party in college:

Much more to do

College is a time of trying, learning, and experiencing so it’s not surprising that no matter what college you attend there will be plenty to do at almost any time. Weeks are filled with classes, homework, and everything in between, but the weekends are a great way to unwind and hang out with friends, however, does not need to involve constant partying. A party can be a fun time and there’s nothing wrong with going out to a party with some friends, but don’t feel pressured into going if you don’t feel comfortable about it; There’s nothing wrong with a quiet weekend in or a night out to eat instead of a party. There are practically a million things to do so you should try to vary what you do as much as you can; College is a once in a lifetime experience. 



If you don’t feel safe doing something don’t do it. Going to a party is always a risk that you have to be willing to take, knowing there can be serious consequences if things happen to go wrong. Drinking can be physically dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing and are inexperienced so be careful with how much you have and make sure to stay safe if you choose to do so. Even if you aren’t drinking at a party you can still get into some trouble just from being around alcohol or drugs. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, at a party you may still be at risk if underage. Generally, at parties, most people act in a responsible manner, and if you are out at a party the most important thing to make sure of is that there’s no irresponsible driving, transportation, or any sort of behavior.


Not Yourself

Some reasoning behind partying may have to do with its social aspect and the ability to interact with numerous people in one place, however, may not be entirely effective. While under the influence you are not yourself, meaning that the conversations that you have and the people who you meet are not necessarily what would happen if you were sober. It’s great to get out there and mingle, but is never something you should become more comfortable doing under the influence than doing sober. You’re never really yourself when out at a party so any formed friendships or relationships won’t be nearly as strong as those that are made truly and genuinely. It’s never a bad thing to go out and meet new people but just try to do so when you are fully functional and entirely yourself. 

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If none of these reasons resonate with you, then choose not to party strictly due to the financial aspect. Buying alcohol and paying for Ubers adds to generally upwards of a thousand dollars per year for an avid college partier. If you really don’t want to spend the money don’t feel pressured to do so; Save your money for something more meaningful like a car, house, or your looming college debt. 


In college, do you find partying useful or necessary? Comment below to share with others!

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