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6 Popular Ways To Layer Shirts

6 Popular Ways To Layer Shirts

These are some of the most popular ways to layer shirts at the moment, so you can make sure that you're rocking the style game as well as being cozy af.

Layering can be a great way to add texture to an outfit at the same time as protecting you from that freezing cold wind that can whistle between the buildings on campus at any given moment.  Besides that, just adding a shirt to an outfit can also dress up an outfit for a meeting with that prof you want to impress, or it can dress down that not-quite-class-appropriate dress from last night’s pub night. These are some of the most popular ways to layer shirts at the moment, so you can make sure that you’re rocking the style game as well as being cozy af.

1. Button-Up Under A Sweater

This style works no matter if the sweater you’re throwing on is baggy or tighter, a knit or a pullover, or even that sweater you stole off of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s floor. A patterned button-up shirt can look super classy under a plain sweater (bonus points if it’s cashmere… or Forever21 knockoff cashmere).  This look is perfect for any business-casual meetings or conferences.  If your sweater is on the baggy side, this still looks effortlessly chic for running to class or a study sesh in the library.


2. T-Shirt Over A Dress

A great way of making your summer dresses last through every season is by throwing a t-shirt on top.  A band tee can add some edge to a super girly dress, and you can make your dress even more flattering by tying the tee at your waist, giving you an hourglass shape.


3. Open Button-Up Over Any Outfit

Whether you’re wearing a dress, a skirt, or a simple tee and jeans combo, tossing a button-up over the top and wearing it like a cardigan can give you some extra warmth and take your outfit to the next level.  My personal go-to is a plaid shirt over an all black outfit, but a denim shirt works just as well.


4. T-Shirt Under A Slip Dress

This is all the rage at the moment, since H&M and Forever21 seem to be flooding their stores with already sewn together versions of this super easy ’90’s layering style.  Any super strappy slip dress or sundress works really well with this style – just throw a plain white or black tee under it and you’re the queen of the ’90’s again.  For even more ’90’s layering flair, find a ringer tee to put under that dress!

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5. Layers On Layers On Layers

My motto is always when in doubt, add more!  This applies mostly to fro-yo toppings, but definitely also to clothes.  For super cozy, effortless style, just keep layering!  This works the best if it’s balanced out by what you’re wearing on the bottom – a tight skirt or skinny jeans helps to make it look like you’re not just a marshmallow under all that fabric.  Throw on your fav tee, put some plaid on top of it, add a jean jacket, a cardigan… The possibilities are endless!


6. Work That Sheer Shirt

Sheer shirts can be hard to figure out how to show them off but still be appropriate for class.  Layering solves all of those problems.  You can put a lightweight sweater over them, letting the sheer shirt poke out of the bottom for some added texture and colour, or layer them with a colourful bralette or crop top underneath to show off both pieces.  They also look great with a matching bra under a blazer, to add a little edge but still look pulled together.

What are your favorite ways to layer shirts? Share in the comments below!
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