How To Tell Your Boyfriend He Needs To Up His Style Game Without Bruising His Ego

Sometimes your man needs a little push to help him reach his full fashion potential. Here's ways to up your boyfriend's style game without bruising his ego!

Ok, so you love your boyfriend, you’d do anything for him, and he makes you insanely happy – but what about that one time he showed up to date night in basketball shorts and a t-shirt? Obviously you don’t love your boyfriend any less due to how he dresses, and you don’t see him any differently in your eyes, but sometimes your man needs a little push to help him reach his full fashion potential. Here are some ways to up your boyfriend’s style game without bruising his ego!

1. Invite him somewhere you need to dress up.

By doing this, he will have to show up appropriately dressed – and then you can compliment him and his newfound outfit several times. Try dropping hints like, “I can’t believe how handsome you look!”, or “Is this new? Looks great!” a few times throughout the event and he’ll eventually catch on that you like this outfit, and want to see more of it.


2. Bring him shopping with you and purposely go to unisex stores.

While he’s following you around, suggest he looks at the men’s section and tries a few things on. Meet up with him and see what he’s picked up, then give some suggestions. For example, if he has 3 white t-shirts, and sweat pants, just tell him how he already has that in his closet, and suggest something else. A simple outfit suggestion, followed by “This is nice, try this on instead!” definitely won’t hurt his ego!



3. Use birthdays and anniversaries to your advantage.

Use this as an opportunity to buy him the clothes you want to see him in. Not only does it eliminate the stress of thinking of a present, but it gives you the chance to plan an outfit for your boyfriend. As he’s opening it, just say something like, “I saw this in the mall and thought of you – you’d look great in it babe”. This will reassure him that his girlfriend approves and thinks he’d look super handsome in it!

4. Pay attention to his style.

If your boyfriend is a t-shirt, sweat pants, basketball shorts kinda guy, chances are he enjoys being comfy and casual. Use this to your advantage! Buy him (or use idea #2) clothes that are equally as comfortable, but look less casual. For example, a simple change loose fitting (non-sweat) pants, his usual t-shirt, but adding a cardigan will take his outfit from a 0 to a 10 in no time.

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5. Be honest.

Ok, by honest, I don’t mean rude, I mean just say “That looks good babe, but I think I prefer this better”, and direct his attention to something else in his closet. If he disagrees, just ask him to try it on and then tell him how much more you prefer this over the original. Honesty is key, and although the direct approach is scary, it’s usually the best option!

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