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10 Reasons Why It’s Cool Not To Drink

10 Reasons Why It’s Cool Not To Drink

There are plenty of reasons why it's cool not to drink. Who wants to deal with hangovers? Imagine all of the money you'll save by not drinking!

Drinking is one of the most popular activities in our society, so much that it is a huge culture that spreads its influence everywhere.  But despite the pressure to embrace the drinking culture, there are some real benefits from avoiding the alcohol. Whether its being healthier or even saving some dollars, there’s many reasons why it’s better not to drink. Here are 10 reasons why it’s cool not to drink.

1. No drunken mistakes.

People tend to drink because it gives them a feeling of freedom to do just about anything. But with that freedom sometimes comes drunken mistakes. One of the better parts about not drinking is avoiding the embarrassing drunken mistakes you might make. Whether its puking all over an expensive sofa or drunk dialing your boss at 2 am, not drinking saves you from some regrettable actions.

2. You get to save a ton of money.

This is arguably the best reason not to drink. Alcohol isn’t cheap and the lifestyle gets costly. A typical bottle of rum or vodka can range from $25 to $50 and this doesn’t factor the inflated prices bars charge for single glasses or shots. Weekly, by not drinking, you’re saving yourself a good $100-$200.



3. You avoid the hangovers.

True there’s some fun in being “turnt up” at the party, but everyone dreads the morning after. Hangovers are rough and sometimes make or break the next day. Not drinking is the best way to escape the really crappy feeling the morning after.

4. Not drinking is healthier.

It’s true, alcohol can have some adverse affects on the body. Too much drinking can lead to scary health problems like brain damage, liver cancer or even increase chances of a stroke. And that’s not counting the nausea and potential vomiting from too much alcohol in one sitting.  Avoiding alcohol is a great way to avoid these problems.


5. You know how to have fun without the alcohol.

Some people like to drink in order to have fun. That’s cool, but a benefit from not drinking is being able to have fun without being under the influence. Plus, you can use all the money you’ve saved to book a flight to somewhere exotic and have more fun than those at the club.

6. Makes meeting potential partners a little more realistic.

Let’s face it: drunk you and sober you are two different people. A few drinks in and drunk you might look at a someone and think, “ya, they’re totally my type.” Sober you on the other hand, might not agree with when it comes to dates. Avoid drinking and you can find a partner who is actually your type.


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7. You find good friends.

There are friends who are known to some as “drinking buddies” rather than BFF’s. But good friends are more than just people who want to drink with you. By not drinking, you can find some BFF’s who are willing to not only go on adventures with you and share some common non-drinking interests, but who will put up with your embarrassing moments while being completely sober.

8. You’re a million times more productive.

Not drinking means more time for other things. It means more time for studying for those exams, more time making money for that vacation in Italy in the summer or just more time to pursue a hobby like photography.


9. You don’t pay for a cab or Uber.

Speaking of saving money, there’s a extra $50-100 that stays in your bank account for not having to call a cab to get your drunk self home. Plus, you can avoid a potentially embarrassing conversation with a not-so-impressed taxi or Uber driver.

10. You look and feel better.

Not drinking comes with some other benefits aside from avoiding liver cancer and hangovers. It means more time for beauty sleep and more energy for more fun. After all who doesn’t love more sleep and more energy to do what you love?

What are some other reasons why it’s cool not to drink? Comment below!
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