Things You Should NOT Wear On A First Date

Time to get out there and mingle. Here are things you should NOT wear on a first date – it just might ruin all chances you have at making a good impression!

1. Don’t wear anything you need to wash, but haven’t yet

In your hamper? Wore that shirt that a few times this week? Leave it. If it’s dirty, there isn’t any point of wearing it. Wear something fresh and make a good impression.

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2. Don’t overdress, but don’t underdress

Going to see a movie? Don’t wear your fanciest outfit. But, if your going to a nice restaurant, you don’t want to show up in leggings.

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3. Anything you would wear to the gym is out of the question

If it can handle sweat, it can’t handle the date.

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4. Risks aren’t worth it

Don’t try that new dress you recently bought. It might be the incorrect size, better hope it doesn’t rip!

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5. Don’t wear something without trying it first

Don’t choose something last minute and throw it on. You mind end up regretting it.

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6. Don’t dress too comfortably

If you sleep in it, it probably wouldn’t look good on your first date.

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7. Don’t dress for your date, dress for yourself

Always be yourself and dress for yourself! Don’t try to impress someone without being yourself.

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What are some other things you should NOT wear on a first date? Comment below!
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