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10 Places To Visit In Ontario With Your Best Friend This Fall

10 Places To Visit In Ontario With Your Best Friend This Fall


‘Tis the season for crunchy orange leaves, sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. And is there any better way to enjoy all of those things and more than with your best friend? No way! Here are 10 suggestions of places to visit in Ontario with your best friend this fall.

1. Strom’s Farm Corn Maze.

Nothing will make the two of you laugh harder than getting lost together in a corn maze. Spend some time in the crisp fall weather and work together to tackle this tricky autumn tradition. Check out Strom’s Farm for a corn maze near you!

This is the perfect idea to explore Ontario with your best friend!


2. An apple orchard like Andrew’s Scenic Acres.

Pick your own fresh apples and snack away with your best friend on this cute, outdoorsy date. Andrew’s Scenic Acres is the perfect destination for some prime apple picking with your bestie.

3. The Boathouse Tea Room in Guelph.

A tea room is the perfect place to discuss your stressful week or the latest drama with your best friend. You’ll be sure to fit the part by wearing your favourite feminine dress to this charming location. The Boathouse Tea Room in Guelph is not only super close to the university, but also is super quaint and cute.


4. A record shop like Royal Cat Records.

Whether your tastes in music are the exact same or polar opposites, record shops can be a super unique and hip way to bond with your bestie. Check out Royal Cat Records downtown for some new tunes.


5. A fall festival like the Wellesley Apple Festival.

A local festival is an ultra fun and inexpensive outing to attend with your best friend. Check out your town’s selection of fall festivals for the perfect opportunity to taste test some new foods with your bestie by your side. The Wellesley Apple Festival is a great way to celebrate the autumn season.


6. A farmers’ market.

Nothing screams “harvest season” like a farmer’s market. Take a stroll through the market with your best friend this fall season for some quality time together. The Guelph Farmers’ Market offers so many fresh, tasty treats.

7. A haunted house at Screampark.

Take your best friend to a haunted attraction for a hysterical night full of screams and laughter. Screampark at Bingemans is the perfect thrill for your Halloween season.

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8. A book store like The Bookshelf.

Spend some down time with your bestie at a book store and pick out a new novel to cuddle up with this fall season. The Bookshelf is a totally unique bookstore definitely worth visiting in the Guelph area.



9. A costume shop like Halloween Alley.

If you’re feeling festive, spend the day helping each other pick out the perfect costumes for this year’s Halloween bash. Halloween Alley has all of your costume essentials and so much more!

10. A candle shop for some festive candles.

Two words: fall candles. Everyone knows that fall is by far the best candle season, so why not go pick up some new scents with your best friend? Bath and Body Works is full of festive scents at this time of year, so head to your local store to treat your senses.


All of these places are perfect to check out while exploring Ontario with your best friend. Feel free to share if you have any other bestie-date ideas!

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