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5 Superfoods That Boost Your Metabolism

5 Superfoods That Boost Your Metabolism

Superfoods? What does that even mean?

I discovered superfoods about 9 years ago whilst searching for tricks to rev up my weight-loss process, and to get my metabolism going as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog. NO EXCUSES.

Superfoods are a variety of foods compiling heaps of nutrients that are healthy for our body and overall well-being. Marketers have succeeded in perpetually pushing the hype over “superfoods” to generate money for money-hungry corporations. Why? Because its notion is pretty compelling. While they pushed a trend that is quite good for us, they might’ve idolized it, just a tad.


It is needless to say that if you’re looking to lose weight, you’re still going to have to hit the gym in addition to incorporating a few of these superfoods in your diet!

Finally; keep in mind that superfoods should be a PART of your diet. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

5 Superfoods that boost your metabolism:


1- High-fiber foods

  • Berries
  • Oats
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beans, peas and lentil
  • Bulgur, couscous

Dietary fiber is incredibly important for regulating bowel movement habits and preventing constipation. It also aids in weight management and weight loss.


2- Protein-rich foods

  • Beans
  • Salmon
  • Yogurt
  • Chickpeas and lentils
  • Nuts and seeds

You may know that protein is an essential part of the human body; muscles, skin, bones, and other parts that hold enzymes, proteins and hormones. Nevertheless, protein is a great source of energy but it also helps build muscle and produce protein-based substances that repaire muscles, bones, skin and tissues. It is known for taking longer to break down into energy, unlike carbs. (But we still love us some croissants!)

Take salmon as an example: protein-based food –> breaks down into amino acids –> amino acids turn to glucose or fatty acids = energy.


3- Dark leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables (GLVs) such as:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Mustard greens
  • Turnip greens and collard greens.

The wonderful thing about greens is that they are low in lipids but insanely nutritious! They have excessive amounts of vitamins (such as vitamin A, C, & K) and minerals (zinc, iron and calcium) in addition to being great sources of dietary fiber. GLVs possess a substantially high rank in the food pyramid and engage in biological activities such as lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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4- Coffee & green tea

When consuming in moderation, caffeine –  the main stimulant in coffee – plays a role in increasing the metabolic rate, burning calories and keeping you energized!

Rich in antioxidants, green tea is another source that reduces the effect of oxidative stress, and can increase the amount of calories your body burns.


5- Apple cider vinegar

Incorporating unfiltered apple cider vinegar in your diet is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • It helps lower blood sugar levels
  • It aids in maintaining a good cardiovascular system
  • It reduces cholesterol levels
  • It boosts metabolic rate
  • It improves the appearance of of acne and scarring

Apple cider vinegar has a reputation for being an organic remedy for various purposes. It is known for having antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic agents that work as detoxicants for the body and skin.


A lot of studies show skepticism regarding ACV’s correlation to weight loss, but due to its acetic acid (the compound in the ACV), it contributes in improving metabolism.

Starting the article, I mentioned that corporations have idolized the term “superfoods”, and that’s because when vulnerable and desperate-for-change people come across such topics, the notion of it can influence them to take extreme measures in their weight-loss journey. It may encourage them to omit and focus on certain types of food categories. Remember, “superfoods” are great and all, but strength training is a key factor for maintaining a long-term fast metabolism thanks to our body’s ability to build lean muscle.

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