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20 Signs You And Your BFF Are The Same Person

20 Signs You And Your BFF Are The Same Person


When did it happen? By “it”, I mean the moment fate scooped you into her hands, for you to be inevitably bound at the hip with someone who is-to say the least–your godsend. You might not recall the exact day or the very first time you laid eyes on them. Nonetheless, you undoubtedly know that your BFF’s absence would guarantee a life of mediocrity. Without your BFF, you know there is no one else who you could share everything with, from your closets to your deepest and darkest secrets. Gathered below are some signs that will clarify if you and your BFF are, in fact, the same person.

1. The level of comfort with both of your bodies is borderline creepy.

Your BFF is your one-text-away doctor, who you regularly consult with, if you have an embarrassing question about personal health and/or hygiene. You would never close the door if you’re going to the bathroom, because you two are having a conversation about your new dedication to not shaving for the entire month of November.


2. Your particular food cravings and/or restaurants never differ from theirs.

It is a well-known fact: people bond though food sharing! But what is between you and your BFF is more than an ordinary bond; this is because you and your other half share a telepathy in regards to what you crave to eat, anytime and any place.

3. He/she is equally invested in your love life, if not more and vice versa.

Your BFF knows your relationship timeline better than their own! Not only does your BFF remember your exes’ names and faces (thanks to unlimited creeping on Facebook), but also the reasons to hate each ex specifically, and they’re committed to egging their house.

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4. You have embraced each other’s strange habits.

This can vary from adopting your BFF’s quirky proverbs that are strangely charming, or completely obnoxious, to religiously drinking coffee with maple syrup instead of regular sugar. Regardless of what the habit is, it’s inevitable, if you are truly BFFs.

5. You refer to each other’s parents as “mom” and “dad” subconsciously.

At first it was a joke, then a regular accident which you internally attempted to correct. But now you finally know the feeling of having two sets of parents. Coincidentally, your non-biological parents seem to like you more than your real ones do.



6. There is always an open invitation for your BFF to join in on family vacations.

Another correlation with the previous sign as to how you and your BFF are the same person, you are always the first, and typically the only, friend to tag along on family escapades. Often, it isn’t a question of whether you will be joining them or not, but when you should start packing!

7. You accidentally give each other the same gift for Christmas.

You two have the same extreme obsession with one particular item you both have a hundred different versions of, for example, smelly candles! Tearing open the Christmas wrapping paper,  you see the present and wonder if you just opened the gift you meant to give your BFF. Nope, you both just have extremely good taste in gifts.


8. There is no need for reminders, because they are always one step ahead of you.

“Hurry up and fast-forward, I hate previews!” is something you have only had to say once, years ago when you met and were watching some silly movie from your childhood. Your BFF learned quickly, just like you did when she warned you to never fast forward so hastily that you skip the beginning of the movie.

9. You two don’t need the English language; facial expressions suffice to communicate.

It took years of practice for you and your BFF to master this collaboration, but you finally did it. Regardless of your silent success, you both still have to pass English class to graduate high school.


10. Everyone you have ever despised, your BFF automatically despises too.

Your BFF may not know all of the people you have ever claimed to hate, but he/she is equally devoted to staying as far away from them as possible.

11. Walking into each other’s house and opening up the fridge is totally normal.

If you and your BFF were a married couple in an 80’s film, you would be the character walking in the front door, after work, hollering “Honey, I’m home!”.


12. People confuse you and your BFF for a couple, on a regular basis.

If you and your BFF are old enough to go out to bars and clubs, or if you go to parties and constantly meet new people, this has probably happened at least once. I know that for girls it’s a great safety net from creepy guys hitting on you! For the guys, I’m not too sure how you feel about that kind of occurrence.

13. Both of you are perfectly content hanging out in silence for hours.

This is a time when it is very handy to have those communicative facial expressions down pat! Neither of you feel the need to make conversation. If you two are going to talk, it won’t need to be forced.


14. You NEVER judge each other, because you know all of each other’s embarrassing stories like the back of your hand.

After going through the entire process of becoming BFFs, your friendship better be a judgement free zone, because you two have probably done some really stupid and embarrassing things together.

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15. You and your BFF have the crazy obsession with an awesome new TV series.

After both of you binge watch whatever is new on Netflix, you have an in-depth conversation about the pros and cons of the series and then, effortlessly, agree to move on to the next series of choice.


16. Half of your wardrobe has been replaced by half of theirs.

Your closet is overflowing from years’ worth of clothing for two reasons: 1. You have either been gifted or have gradually accumulated your BFF’s clothes, and 2. You haven’t donated/sold anything from your closet because you have no idea what is yours vs your BFF’s.


17. You never argue over which radio station to listen to in the car.

This is similar to having the same obsession with a particular TV series, except the driver can crash the vehicle if you even attempt to switch the radio station! Be careful, out there, BFFs…

18. When you are being a pushover, your BFF will be your backbone.

If you have aligned with many of these signs that you and your BFF are the same person, you truly have met your perfect friendship match. More cherishable than any of the previously listed points is that your BFF knows what is best for you and will act on his or her instinct to make sure you are respected and given everything you deserve.


19. You never pay each other back, because you both know it all evens out eventually.

If you and your best friend are even close to being the same person, and if you really are best friends, money is minuscule. You both know it all gets payed back eventually through cash, gift cards, or credit!

20. It’s an insult calling them your “best friend” because it’s a mutual agreement that they are “your other half”.

Both of you know that the moment you were placed side by side on this planet was a turning point in your lives. Together, you went through phases, got past barriers, and set boundaries in your friendship. Now that you are BFFs, there is no phase, there are no barriers, and there are definitely no boundaries that keep you two divided.


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