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16 Easy Courses At The University Of Guelph

16 Easy Courses At The University Of Guelph

Course selection at the University of Guelph is here and questions arise as to what are considered to be ‘bird courses’. I understand it, people sometimes want to take classes to help boost their marks or even help try to gain some new knowledge in a different field. Keep reading for 16 easy courses at the University of Guelph that you should take!

This is a collaborative piece by: Shineese Simpson and Jinal Manek

1. Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 1150):

Anthropology is an amazing class that focuses on cultural perspectives around the world. It is also taught through distance education format. Through numerous films and videos, you learn more through cultures of different families and their religions. This coming winter semester the course will be taught in 2 different sections so make sure you sign up.

2. Effective Writing (ENGL 1030):

Although effective English can be seen as a course that has tough moments, it has a great concept behind it. It helps people with different writing techniques this furthers people’s knowledge and helps them prepare with writing essays and resumes. It has to be one of the most useful and easy courses at The University of Guelph!



3. Human Development (FRHD 1010):

Like the course name it has a lot to do with the development of a human being throughout their life cycle. I have a couple of friends who have taken this class and have said that it is easy and interesting. While looking at the development of the human the course does it by taking a look at the relationships between physiological, sociological and psychological outlook on it.

4. Couple and Family Relationships (FRHD 1020):

This course takes emphasize on relationships within a family. It focuses on certain themes such as intimacy, and diversity within a family. The course goes through many units such as divorce, parent-child relations and communications. The course is offered in distance education as well as lecture style.


5. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1000):

One of the most interesting courses I have had the privileges of taking. This course deals with different content and methods of psychology. With unique units the course takes different turns by learning about well-known experiments that helped create psychology to become what it is today. The course talks about perception, personality, memory and even children and it is an amazing course. This was probably my favorite of all the easy courses at The University of Guelph.

6. Sociology (SOC 1100):

Like psychology, sociology 1100 is an introduction class that explores concepts and methods of sociology applied to societies, and individuals. Through different topics such as religion, education and family, this course helps us understand why people do the things they do such as commit crimes.



7. Crime and Criminal Justice (SOC 1500):

This course talks about individuals committing crimes as well as learning about the criminal justice system. Through teaching criminological theories students get to learn of the different elements of crimes. Through police and society students get to know more of the reasons as to why some commit crimes and the punishments that follow.

8. Seminars (UNIV 1200):

Seminars are known to be easy courses as they usually have less than 20 students in the class. This gives students a chance to know the teacher as well as talk more with their classmates. These seminars are more about talking about the issues at hand instead of learning more through lectures. This coming semester some of the seminars will be: varsity athletics, beyond literacy and health care and diversity.

9. Canadian Government and Politics (POLS 2300):

Now at first this course can be a little difficult but it is easy to maintain a good grade due to the teachers. This coming semester there is 2 great teachers teaching this class and they are both great. This course takes an in depth look at political issues such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As well as Aboriginal government and political parties, this course is a recommended take.


10. Introduction to Nutrition (NUTR 1010):

When attempting to fulfill an B.A degree universities want kids to be well rounded and take a minimum of 2 science courses. Introduction would be a good class as it gives students an introduction to human nutrition. The class will learn about topics such as vitamins and minerals and weight management. To fulfill the science aspect for the courses that students have to take.

Nutrition is one of the easiest courses at The University of Guelph!

11. Human impact on the environment (GEOG 1220)

This course talks about the impact of human, technology on society. Discusses the environmental consequences of human resources. This course is also offered in a DE format.



12. Life: Health and Well-Being (FRHD1100)

Known to be a straightforward course discussing the theory, application and results of health research on humans.



13. Music & Popular Culture (MUSC2150)

This course is enjoyable in terms of learning the styles and popular music genres of the 20th century. Also discusses the importance of genre change due to society, class, race and ethnicity.


This course is widely open for all students to take, and not only specifically for Music Majors.



14. Software Systems Development and Integration (CIS2750)

Is known to be an easy course in order to score good marks without great deal of effort. It teaches you the basic techniques and tools for developing large software systems.


15. Pre- Confederation Canada (HIST2100)

Is a course regarding the pre-Confederation Canadian History which discusses the social, political, economic and cultural aspects.



16. Human Computer Interaction (CIS4300)

This course looks more into the human interaction with computers and how it has progressed to increase in the today’s world. It also teaches students the impact of computer based information on humans individually and as a society. This course could be considered to be an easy one as it is an aspect almost everyone can relate to on a certain level due to the excessive use of computers.


What are your favorite easy courses at The University of Guelph? Comment below and share the article!
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