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22 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Halifax Before You Die Or Graduate

22 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Halifax Before You Die Or Graduate

There are so many delicious things you need to eat in Halifax. Before you graduate or die, be sure to visit all of the restaurants on this list!

While Halifax might be known for its seafood, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the incredible food the city has to offer. There are so many things you need to eat in Halifax. Whether you need a coffee fix or you’re headed out for a nice meal the options are endless. While KD and ramen may be cheap student staples, branching out from the bright orange cheese every once in a while is super important. YOLIHO (you only live in Halifax once), so take advantage of some of these fantastic options! I’ve separated this list into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for the next time you’re on a midterm grind and need somewhere to study or your parents are in town.

When you’re in desperate need of caffeine (and maybe a muffin)

1. Dilly Dally

For awesome coffee and Instagram-worthy meals. Dilly Dally is quant, nearby, and delicious. Try: focaccia breakfast sandwich, baked goods.



2. Smiling Goat

For when you need somewhere quiet and comfy with an interesting selection of coffee, tea, and baked goods. Try: lattes (I know you can get lattes anywhere but they’re đź‘Ś).


3. Cabin Coffee

For cozy vibes, cushy chairs and awesome pastries. Try: cinnamon buns, breakfast sandwiches.


4. Pete’s To GoGo

For when the line at Tim’s is too long or you need a fast veggie fix. I know Pete’s is pretty well known but I needed to include it in here for two things. 1. their salads are incredible. 2. so are their breakfast sandwiches, and their coffee, and their pastries and literally everything else they sell. Another perk, it’s on campus. Try: salads, California bagel.




When you’re feeling like brunch

5. Mary’s Place Cafe II

For a fantastic diner style cheap breakfast, and the best hangover cure around. Try: eggs Benedict (only available on weekends).



6. Black Sheep

For a slightly more upscale (but still affordable) way to satisfy your brunch craving. Try: breakfast poutine, bs breakfast sandwich, caesars.



7. Edna

For when you need to impress your date with how hipster your taste in food is. They have tons of tasty combinations of foods that you’d never think to put together. Try: sweet and salty, salmon gravlax & latkes.


8. Waffle love

For when you need a little sweetness in your morning. Waffles are their focus but they do them well. Try: the daily special.



When you want to treat yourself

9. Stillwell

For when you need selection in your beers Stillwell is perfect. With 12 rotating beers (and ciders) on tap, you’ll never get bored. While the booze is awesome, the food definitely holds its own. Try: porchetta sandwich, chili cheese fries + whichever beer you fancy.


10. 2 Doors down

For an affordable, locally sourced meal. Try: haddock tacos, smokehouse burger, salted caramel cheesecake.



11. Flip burger

For awesome burgers and milkshakes. Make sure you go during burger week! Try: southwestern burger, cookie monster milkshake.


12. Wasabi house

For when you’re feeling sushi on a budget. Be careful how much you order initially, they generally give you a couple rolls on the house. Try: rainbow roll, dragon roll.




13. Middle Spoon

For when you’re craving something sweet. If dessert is your favourite meal, Middle Spoon is the place for you! While they excel at desserts, their savoury stuff is also pretty good. Try: chocolate lava cake, bacon & avocado melt.


For a special occasions/ when your parents are buying

14. Bicycle thief

For when you’re feeling slightly upscale. Watch out for the dessert tray they wheel around, it’ll get you every time. Try: any of the pasta’s, short ribs, carrot cake.



15. La Frasca

For the kind of food your Italian grandma would make, but better. Try: capesante, ravioli, seafood risotto.


16. En Vie

For delicious vegan food that even your steak and potatoes loving father will enjoy. Try: double bacon cheeseburger, ravioli, butterscotch cheesecake.

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17. The Wooden Monkey

For chill vibes and sustainably sourced food with something that everyone will love (picky eater or not). Try: Monkey pita, sweet apple salad, NS apple pie.


18. Salty’s (upstairs)

For when you’ve come into some money/ it’s your birthday/ you’ve just graduated, check out salty’s upstairs. The food is that kind of high end delicious you can’t really get anywhere else. Try: surf and turf



When it’s 2:30 am

19. Willys

For when you need fries and you need them now. Try: pulled pork poutine.



20. Burrito Jax

For when you’ve been hitting pizza corner too much lately but you still need something yummy to soak up the alcohol. It’s got veggies in it so it must be healthy right? Try: pulled chicken or pepper steak burrito with whatever else your heart desire.



21. Triple A

For when you need something drenched in donair sauce to revive you between your house party and res. If it wasn’t just so close and so delicious…. Try: any slice as long as it has donair sauce on it, ice cream sandwiches


22. Burger Week!!!

I realize this isn’t technically a place to eat (it’s several) so I’ve added it as an extra. Burger week is a week in March (23rd-29th 2017) where a ton of restaurants in Halifax offer cheap burgers or put out burgers that support Feed Nova Scotia. A bunch of the restaurants are featured on this list, so even more reason to check them out. The lineup of restaurants that are participating and some of the burgers can be found here.



Have any recommendations for other sweet spots with things you need to eat in Halifax? Tried anything delicious at one of these places that isn’t listed? Have a burger suggestion you need to share with the world? Leave it in the comments below!
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