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10 Best Cafes In Downtown Ottawa

10 Best Cafes In Downtown Ottawa

Many people don’t know how many places there are to get the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you please! Here are the top cafes in downtown Ottawa.

Downtown Ottawa is an amazing part of the city. The people are nice, Parliament Hill is right around the corner, and plenty of dogs to pet when you walk down any street. What many people don’t know, unfortunately, is how many amazing places there are to get the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you please! Here are the top ten best cafes in downtown Ottawa that I personally recommend to everyone (though not specifically in the order shown).

1. Oh So Good – 25 York Street

This “Oh So Good” coffee and dessert shop is located right in ByWard Market and is home to a wonderful selection of desserts to choose from. With amazing artwork set up around every corner, it’s sure to be a place to go with friends or alone.

2. The Ministry of Coffee – 279 Elgin Street

This cozy coffee shop is perfect for reading, writing, or doing last minute homework. The atmosphere is welcoming, and you’ll be sure to meet new people.


3. Arlington Five – 5 Arlington Avenue

Never judge a book by its cover! While the plain exterior is blue with “COFFEE” written in a bold font, the interior is an entirely different world. With a fine selection of food and drinks, this is a place to definitely go with a friend.


4. Starbucks – 55 Laurier Avenue East

Obviously, Starbucks was going to come up on this list. This classic coffee company will always have a special place in the hearts of University students all across Canada. Since it’s located right inside of Desmarais Building, it’s the perfect place to stop by for a quick coffee in between classes.


5. Cacao 70 – 53 William Street #51

This cafe is a Heaven-on-Earth for chocoholics everywhere. Located in ByWard Market, Cacao 70 is the best place to go if you plan on indulging yourself, or if you feel you need a break from the bitter taste of reality.

6. tea store – 53 York Street

Yes, the “t” in tea store is supposed to be lowercase. If you’re a tea lover, this is a great place to go. With a whole wall of teas to choose from, you’ll probably be spending 3 hours trying to decide which one to get!

7. Planet Coffee – 24 York Street

The only downfall of this cafe is that they only accept cash. Other than that, this place is wonderful if you ever need to de-stress yourself.


8. Second Cup – 171 Rideau Street

Again, another cafe located near the uOttawa campus (and one on campus as well). It’s a great place whether or not you go alone – there’s always someone there to have a small chat with.

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9. The Tea Party – 119 York Street

If you aren’t a tea fan, fear not! This cafe has a fine selection of coffees as well as teas. You’ll be left wanting to go back so you can try all the other kinds of stuff they have.

10. Moscow Tea Room – 527 Sussex Drive

This cafe is the perfect cafe to go to if you’re out late at night. It’s open till 2 AM, which makes it the perfect spot to go with friends on a night out. Make sure you stay safe though!

This has been the 10 best cafes in downtown Ottawa. While each cafe is unique in their own way, they are all spectacular, and a definite go-to place.

What are your favorite cafes in downtown Ottawa? Share in the comments below!
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