30 DIY Halloween Costumes To Try This Year


As Halloween is quickly approaching, everybody is beginning to think about what to wear as a costume. But if you can’t find a lot of money or ideas, don’t worry! I’m here to bring you 30 easy DIY Halloween costumes you can make yourself while staying under budget.

DIY Halloween Costumes with a partner or alone:

1. Ron Burgundy

Of course, a classic for all the guys out there. All you need is a burgundy (or any colour on the red spectrum) suit, and a fake moustache and you’re all set. And if you have a special lady, you can have your very own Veronica Corningstone! Stay classy, Halloween.

These easy costumes are great for DIY-lovers!


2. Damian from Mean Girls

Easy, comfy, and funny – what more could you want in a costume?

3. Sugar Skull

This idea is perfect for those who want to focus more on the makeup and less on the costume. Some beautiful skull makeup and a flower crown or clip are all you need for this look.


4. Football Player

Heels aren’t necessary for this costume, but a jersey definitely is. Grab your favourite team’s jersey and some black paint for your cheeks and you’re instantly a football player.


5. God’s Gift to Women

Whether you wear this costume as a joke or in all seriousness, this is definitely a confidence booster among all the guys out there – even though some may not need one.

6. Gumball Machine

Grab a hot glue gun and a giant collection of pompoms – or actual gumballs, if you’re feeling adventurous – and go to town on this costume.


7. Instagram

If you think your Instagram selfies are always on point, why not be a walking, talking selfie this Halloween?


8. Bag of Jelly Beans

This is perhaps one of the cheapest costumes to do yourself. All you need are small balloons, a clear trash bag, and a red ribbon to complete this look.

9. Stick Figure

A paper plate and some electrical tape is all you need to become a stick figure.


10. Minnie Mouse

You don’t need to go to Disneyland to know how to complete this iconic costume. Pair a red tutu with some Minnie Mouse ears and you’re all set.


11. Red Coat from Pretty Little Liars

This PLL classic is by far one of the simplest DIY costumes because there’s only one requirement – a red trench coat.

12. Scarecrow

This Halloween classic can be reinvented with a pair of blue jeans, a beige hat, some makeup, and that one flannel shirt that I’m pretty sure almost everybody owns.


13. TY Beanie Baby

Just throw on that animal onesie that you’ve been dying to go out in, make yourself a TY tag, and you are now a Beanie Baby.


14. Wednesday from The Addams Family

This costume can be recreated with generally any black clothing with a white collared shirt underneath. But don’t forget the braids and straight face, the most important costume requirements.

15. Where’s Waldo

This costume can be done individually or as a group. Just grab a red striped shirt and a red hat and you are now the new Waldo.




DIY Halloween costumes for couples and groups:

16. Danny and Sandy from Grease

This old school Grease classic is a great couple’s costume. Get out those tight black clothes and your dancing feet and you’ll be the hottest couple at Rydell High.


17. Mario and Luigi

This is another iconic couple DIY that can’t go wrong. You and your partner will have everyone wondering where the rest of the Mario group is.


18. Netflix and Chill

This play on such a common phrase is very refreshing and fun. This DIY is so easy you could probably watch Netflix while putting your costume together. And it’s so comfy, too!

19. Salt and Pepper

What goes together better than salt and pepper? Probably nothing, which is why this is the perfect couple’s DIY.


20. 3 Blind Mice

This lovely trio can be recreated with many different variations of clothing, however, the three main accessories are: the mouse ears, the dark sunglasses, and the sticks.

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21. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Whether this is recreated with males or females, this trio is always fun to DIY with your friends.


22. Candy Hearts

This DIY can be done with as little or as many friends as you’d like. The variations for the Candy Heart costume are endless.


23: KISS

This is your chance to be recognized as members of one of the most legendary rock bands. All it takes is some intense makeup and leather!




24. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Round up your favourite group of four, pick your turtle, and transform into a ninja. The DIY hack for the turtle shell is to use an aluminum baking tray and string it with shoelaces.


25. Social Media

If you are running out of time and ideas, this is a great go-to DIY costume. Round up a few friends, pick your favourite social media, and you have an instant costume.


26. Superheroes

Whether you are Batman, Superman, or Spiderman, any superhero will do just fine. Grab your superhero coloured tutu and a shirt with their logo on it and you can feel just like them for the day.

27. Cards

Grab your favourite group of gals, some white tank tops, some markers, and you all can turn into a sexy deck of cards.


28. m&m’s

This is another great group costume, as long as everybody wears a different coloured shirt. After all, you can’t just have one kind of m&m.


29. Dominos

This is a fun DIY if coordinated with a large group. All you need are black clothes and white fabric to put this one together.

30. Emojis

This final costume can be done as an individual or as a group. Pick your favourite emoji (which is going to be hard, I know) and showcase it with a group of friends. This costume will keep you and your friends laughing all day.


Do you have any other ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes? Let us know below!

Featured image source: sororitysugar.tumblr.com
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