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10 Easy Fruit Salad Recipes You Need To Try This Spring

10 Easy Fruit Salad Recipes You Need To Try This Spring

Spring is my all-time favourite season. One of the things that get me excited the most is the fruit salad season, all spring and summer long.

Spring is my all-time favourite season. I love everything about it. One of the things that get me excited the most is the fruit salad season, all spring and summer long. It’s how I tell myself I’m being healthy while also eating dessert. The perfect crime, isn’t it?

The best thing about most fruit salad recipes is that they make a bunch of yummy servings, and they’re perfect for almost any occasion – even parties! Most of these can be paired with alcohol and make for an excellent pre-party appetizer!

Here are 10 easy fruit salad recipes you DEFINITELY need to check out:


1. Melon and Pineapple

This salad is sure to remind you of a tropical resort. It’s so quick to make, and I especially like this one for potlucks or group gatherings, because it yields so many servings!

Hint, hint: if you throw some Malibu Rum there and leave the salad on the fridge for 2-3 hours, the fruit should absorb a good deal of it and you got yourself a fun party treat!

2. Fruit Compote

I like to think of the fruit compote standing more on the fancier side of fruit salads. It’s very simple but it just feels so restaurant-ish! Plus, something about this dish seems very romantic. If you’re looking for an alternate breakfast in bed for your loved one, try making them a fruit compote! Maybe even top it off with some whipped cream, if it’s a special occasion! (Although I would add whipped cream anyway)


3. Cucumber, Basil and Watermelon

I’m a huge fan of cucumber when it comes to ANY salad. Cucumber in fruit salad just makes so much sense! And the basis also adds a nice, fresh touch to it. This one is great for picnics because it stores well and it feels very refreshing if you spend the day outdoors.

4. Mojito Fruit Salad

The only thing I love more than melons is a good cocktail. Cocktail-inspired salads just make so much sense! And they go perfectly well when paired with the actual cocktails. Again, perfect party treats. This mojito fruit salad would be amazing paired with an actual classic mojito!

5. Berry Watermelon

This is one recipe I make all year round. It’s so simple and easy, and it’s a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Add a banana there and this would also be a perfect smoothie!


6. Tipsy Red and Yellow Watermelon

Another one on the fancier side, the tipsy red and yellow watermelon is one I save up strictly for special occasions. It’s not the siiiiiimplest recipe, but it is easy. It’s also, above anything, absolutely delicious. Kids love it too!

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7. Avocado Fruit Salad

Another salad that would make for a perfect smoothie, the avocado fruit salad just feels ideal for brunch!!


8. Layered Fruit Congealed

I don’t do this one often because, while it’s fairly simple, it’s just a lot of preparation. I like to eat everything right away! But with the right preparation, this recipe turns out to be such a yummy snack!

9. Fruitini

Another one of my favourites, the cocktail-like salads! I’m not a fan of martinis, but I sure am a fan of fruitini salad! It’s just so good! And it fits perfectly into a nice Instagram post!

10. Very Berry Cheesecake

Last, but certainly not least, my spring fruit salad of choice! This is the definition of a healthy, yummy dessert/salad. Of all the fruit salads, this is without a doubt my go-to recipe!


What other fruit salad recipes do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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