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5 Tips To Transition to A Vegan Lifestyle

5 Tips To Transition to A Vegan Lifestyle

Many people argue that veganism is the best lifestyle for health, animals, and the environment. I have attempted to go vegan before, but failed due to lack of knowledge. However, this time around I am determined to stick with it! Transitioning to being fully vegan and cruelty free can be difficult when you are used to treating your body in a less mindful way. It can also be hard on others around you, since majority of people are not vegan. To each their own- but it is highly probably that you will end up in an awkward situation at some point. For example, someone might prepare you a meal full of animal byproducts. Hungry as you might be, the conversation that follows is one that nobody wants to have… Keep reading for 5 tips to help with the transition to a vegan lifestyle!

1. You will have to remind people.

I love my mom dearly, and I know she means well, but she has a tendency to forget that this is now my new lifestyle choice. My first “official” night after I declared I was vegan, she made a nice ham dinner. Let’s just say I only ate the corn and potatoes, then a few bananas post dinner.


2. You will learn to get past the stigmas.

Yes, there are select individuals who live, breathe, and spread veganism in every way possible. This can give us (as vegans) a collective reputation for being known as shaming those who are not vegan. Although there are facts to show veganism is beneficial for numerous reasons, some people will simply not listen to you, and that is okay. Everyone has the right to their own decisions.

3. You don’t have to go fully vegan right away.

I learned this through trial and error. As I mentioned earlier, I have attempted to go vegan/vegetarian before, but failed due to lack of knowledge. This time for my transition, I am doing it by cutting out one “product” or food at a time. May is for dairy (excluding cheese), June is for meats and eggs, and July is for cheese (because let’s be honest, cheese is on a whole different planet).


4. Going out to eat/drink can be tricky.

You will be surprised by how many drinks have animal byproducts in their ingredients list. Not only this but the number of vegan options at traditional restaurants are slim. This will probably be the most challenging part of going vegan, since sometimes you will just have to rely on willpower to get you through.

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5. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Nobody expects you to flat out change your diet in the blink of an eye. It’s hard sometimes to keep track of all of the products you can and can’t eat. Sometimes it’s easier just to stick with a salad, but what fun is that? Tofu, soy and even almond milk takes some time getting used to.

Mistakes will be made and you will learn from them. You’ve chosen this lifestyle for a reason, and your body will thank you for it later.

Do you have any other tips on transitioning to the vegan lifestyle? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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