10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around U Of Calgary

10 Cute Date Ideas To Do Around U Of Calgary

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with creative places to take your special someone while in school? Are you sick of saying, “want to go to the dining hall?” which is promptly followed by an eye roll from your date. Well, I’m here to save the day (and your relationship). Keep reading to discover ten cute date ideas to do around U of Calgary.

1. Taylor Family Digital Library

When it’s not exam season at the University of Calgary, workrooms are available for booking in the TFDL. Although meant for group projects, they are up for grabs for less hectic times of the semester. Perfect for movie and study dates!



2. Bistro Alma

This restaurant is run by Hotel Alma and is the only option for more formal dining around U of Calgary. If your date has a weak spot for fancier meals that is close to residence, look no farther than Bistro Alma.


3. The Den & Black Lounge

This eatery is owned and operated by the University of Calgary Students’ Union and has a tradition of over 45 years. This pub-styled restaurant offers comfort food at reasonable prices. Take your date to a booth, out on the patio, or invite them and some friends for a private party in the Red Room!



4. ThursDEN

Every Thursday, the Den and Black Lounge transforms in to a club for the students here at the university. Aside from lit dance floors, ThursDEN also offers exclusive drink specials; a jug of Vodka Slime for only $8.99! Bring your significant other and enjoy campus nightlife together.



5. Concerts at U of C

The Macewan Hall and Ballroom becomes a venue for a large number of events through out the school year, hosting at least two concerts every month! Click on the link below to see the schedule, and you and your date can pick one out for an awesome night on campus!

6. Olympic Oval

The venue for the skating events in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, this rink continues to be one of the best within the City of Calgary. If your date loves to skate, this is the place to go.


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7. Olympic Plaza

If the Olympic Oval is not romantic enough for you, every winter, the Olympic Plaza becomes a refrigerated outdoor ice rink, a popular destination for couples and families alike. Skating here has an ambiance that everyone in Calgary must experience!


8. Stephen Avenue Walk

This street is a popular location for day time shopping, and late night partying. Sandwiched by shops, restaurants, pubs, and a movie theater, this is an ideal stop for couples who need a place to go!



9. Zoolights

This is an annual event that comes back every winter in which the entire Calgary Zoo becomes decorated with Christmas lights. This romantic and festive event is on the to-do list of every Calgarian each holiday season!

10. Village Ice Cream

Hand-crafted in Calgary, this creamery has 3 locations scattered around the city. Local and artisanal, only limited amount of batches and seasonal flavours are produced. Their hidden locations allow for fun exploring of the city, and once you and your date find a shop, reward yourselves with two scoops of ice cream! The Earl Grey Tea flavour is a personal favorite.



Do you feel inspired after reading this list of ten cute date ideas to do around U of Calgary? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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