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15 Things Every University of Toronto Student Needs

15 Things Every University of Toronto Student Needs

We all know how important it is to show off your school pride especially when you attend a school like UofT. Something about pulling on that sweatshirt that has UofT’s logo plastered on the front for all to see gives you a newfound sense of pride. But we also all know how boring showing off the same UofT themed track pants and tops can be. So we did some research on things you can dabble in that will still show the world where you’re earning your great education! Keep reading for things every University of Toronto student needs with the best list of merchandise you’ll probably ever see.

1. This classy, vintage-looking University of Toronto neck tie.

Attention guys- (and girls!) You’ll eventually need a tie to wear around the office after graduation so why not make it a UofT one! Prove to your new colleagues that you’re the new boss in town with this subtle fashion item.


2. This adorable Toronto charm bangle bracelet.

The beautiful charm bracelet makes for the perfect gift to any student who goes to uni in the Toronto area!

3. A trendy Toronto framed poster.

Whether you have room for this in your apartment at uni or want to save it for your first “real” place, it’s the perfect touch.


4. This cozy University of Toronto hoodie for your favourite furry friend.

You can even dress your dog up in a UofT ensemble to show off to all your neighbours where their owner graduated from on your next walk around the block.

5. A cute and simple ladies UofT logo top.

Wear it in the summer over a bathing suit or in the winter underneath a sweater. You can never go wrong with a cute logo top, especially when you’re reppin’ your uni!


6. An authentic Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

You can wear this to any University of Toronto event, or any Toronto event in general. An amazing investment you will definitely make great use of!


7. A pair of these classy, timeless University of Toronto cuff links.

Christmas is right around the corner! Can you think of anyone you are having trouble brainstorming a gift for? Classic cuff links with a little personal touch is the perfect idea! Show off your style or great gift taste with these gems to keep your sleeves looking sharp and crisp throughout those job interviews.

8. This sophisticated UofT belt.

Have a new career interview? This is also a great accessory to compliment those UofT cuff links. A subtle, yet classy piece to let others know you’re full of school spirit and aren’t afraid to show it!


9. A very useful and school-spirited UofT plastic travel cup.

Tailgate, all-nighters at the library, stocking stuffer…so many practical uses for this one!

10. A University of Toronto paper weight you will actually get use out of.

A timeless classic and not as boring as it seems. This is actually quite useful to hold down all those study notes you’ve got stacked up on your desk. Plus you can admire its beautiful illustration of UC when it had all four of its peaks.


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11. A collection of all the popular movies filmed at the University of Toronto.

There’s no better way to prove your school spirit is real than watching a marathon of movies that all feature UofT’s campus in the background. Stay in on a Friday night and get your hunt on by trying to recognize where on campus these movies were filmed. All of these movies can be found here. Good luck!


Good Will Hunting

The Incredible Hulk (2008)


Resident Evil: Afterlife

Urban Legend

Mean Girls

The Prince and Me

Total Recall


Pacific Rim­

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

The Vow


12. A few UofT vintage postcards to keep in contact with loved ones you don’t see much.

Keep in contact with your loved ones with these perfect University of Toronto post cards! Post cards are always a fan favorite. They give you a chance to see the campus as it once was and how it has changed up to today. They’re picture perfect and will be well preserved in your UofT box of memories when you pull it out to show your family in the future!


13. A few of these nifty (and useful) UofT magnets.

14. This cute key chain you can give all your friends.

Give this key chain to all your friends you don’t get to see as much while away at school.


15. This uni-sex UofT crew neck sweatshirt.

So if you’re looking for a unique way to show how much school spirit you truly have without sporting the usual sweater, cap, or sweatpant from the UofT Book Store, bookmark this list and get on purchasing these items to impress all of your onlookers. #BleedBlue

What are some other things every University of Toronto student needs? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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