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Spring Wardrobe Essentials That Are Making A Comeback

Spring Wardrobe Essentials That Are Making A Comeback

It’s time for some spring cleaning, so clean out that closet of yours and possibly raid your mom’s because these spring necessities are throwing us back a few decades! Keep reading for some of the spring wardrobe essentials that are definitely making a comeback!

Boho Style

Boho is the new black! We’ve been seeing this everywhere. Paisley pants, peasant blouses, flare Jeans, off-the-shoulder tops and fringes galore. The 70s are back and we love it. Though most of us would love to dress up in our mom’s vintage clothes and look like Kendall Jenner at Coachella, it’s difficult to transition these pieces in our day-to-day lives and not look like a lost music festival-goer.


The Peasant Blouse

Start with a peasant blouse to go with your skinny jeans. These kinds of light and flowy tops are perfect for the spring, and even summer. Because they’re so thin and breezy, you won’t get hot in them and they can be paired with pretty much anything. Whether you’re going for a job interview or going out for lunch with the girls, peasant tops are so versatile that they can be worn as both professional and casual attire. So it’s literally a win-win and a MUST HAVE.


Tip: It doesn’t matter what kind of body type you are, peasant tops are very forgiving and won’t cling! So do yourself a favor and invest in a couple different colors because they’ll be your new favorite “it” piece!

Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans

Alright, here’s where it gets a little harder – flare and bell bottom jeans. These might be a little tougher to incorporate into your wardrobe since all your pants are probably skinny, but if you’re up to try something new, definitely try on a pair of flared out pants! Bootcut is coming back so why not get ahead of the curve? Though bootcut is a slimmer version of bell bottoms, they’re an easier transition than going from super skinny to flat- out flare. Along with your peasant blouse and a pair of cute pumps, you’ll be the talk of the office (or may be mistaken as a prof around campus).


Let’s talk fringes- (and no, I don’t mean the British way of saying bangs). Whether they’re on the end of a leather jacket or purse, they’re totally in -so get with the program. If you’re not the biggest peasant top and flare jeans fan, grab yourself a fringed purse to finish off your wardrobe by spicing it up with an old classic. You can never have enough purses to begin with and adding a fringed bag is a cute little cherry on top of your entire outfit. Who says you need a flower crown to be boho?


90’s Nostalgia

Yes, you read that correctly. Your spring essentials are coming from two different eras of fashion this year and we’re torn (just like our boyfriend jeans). Cropped sweaters, ripped jeans, converse, plaid dresses, oversized jean jackets and chokers. In the words of Hannah Montana, “Mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds”.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Ripped boyfriend jeans are a must. Whether you’re pairing them with heels or converse, it’s a piece that’ll last you a while and can definitely help match with your 70s peasant blouse. The more distressed, the more authentic they look so don’t be afraid to DIY when it comes to ripping an old pair of jeans.

Tip: Use a razor and shave against the grain wherever you want your jeans to be distressed. For complete tears, cut a small hole into your jeans and rip the rest using your hands, giving them a unique touch.


Plaid Dresses

What? We’re taking plaid shirts to a whole new level and making them the core piece in 2016 outfits. Pair it with a belt around your waist to show off your figure or throw an over sized jacket on top. Either way, it’s a cute outfit that doesn’t take too much time and effort and definitely pays homage to Cher and Dee from Clueless.

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Jean Jacket

Spring is a tricky season because of the weather fluctuations we have to endure and the implications it has on our wardrobe choices! With the cold mornings and boiling afternoons, you never know if grabbing your winter jacket will melt you to the ground halfway during the day, but with a jean jacket, you don’t have the burden of lugging around a hot and heavy coat with you all day. Wear it with your leggings, shorts or even a maxi skirt. Jean jackets are another versatile MUST HAVE item to go in your closet. And if by midday it gets too warm to wear it, tie your jacket around your waist and make it a cute little accessory to the rest of your outfit. Another win-win combo and a classic addition.


Last, but not least….


Time to rummage through your old dance stuff and pull out those bodysuits because they’re back and they’re everywhere! Just kidding, but these one-piece’s are all the rage this year and they’re perfect for spring. Their light fabric and unique designs will have you drooling over your own wardrobe.

Bodysuits are another great piece that go together with almost anything. Maxi skirts, jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, you name it. Because they usually come in either black, white or tan, bodysuits are an awesome staple item that will compliment any style, as well as color. Dress your bodysuit down with a pair of jean shorts and converse or dress it up with some strappy heels and a midi skirt. Whichever way you wear it, bodysuits will add some flair to your spring wardrobe (and maybe some difficulty going to the bathroom).

What are some other spring wardrobe essentials? Comment below and share this article with your friends!
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