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Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at VT

Top 10 Best Places to Hookup at VT

Whatever your definition of hooking up is, here are some places you could go to make it interesting! Getting some alone time with yout S.O. on the college campus isn’t easy. If you want to know some places to hookup at Virginia Tech, keep reading for the top 10 places to hookup at VT!

There are some of the best places to hookup at VT in this article!

1. The Drillfield

Iconic Virginia Tech spot—just make sure it’s at night so you don’t get caught (or have less of a chance). It can get cold too, so bring some blankets!

The drillfield is one of the best places to hookup at VT!

2. McBryde 100

It is impossible to graduate from Virginia Tech without having a class in McBryde 100. Because it is such a famous classroom, you almost have to do it. Plus, hooking up here is just kind of a thing to do here.



3. Lane Stadium

This is a given. Whether you decide to chill in the seats or make your way down to the field, there is nothing more badass than hooking up at Lane. Go Hokies!

4. Newman Library

Go between the endless bookshelves or a more isolated study space. This would be a great place to go. Be careful though because there are always students studying here and is rarely empty.

5. The Duck Pond

Located near the Oak Lane community, this cute little pond is right off campus and pretty romantic if you ask me. There are lots of tree’s and there’s even a little pergola right on the water!

6. A Frat House

Take it to a frat basement after a party or upstairs during one. You can go to a bedroom, under the stairs, or behind the bar—whatever floats your boat! Be careful with this one, but it’s probably the easiest one to get away with on this list!


7. The VT Golf Course

This is also located near Oak Lane. A golf course is hella romantic and a wide-open space of green. Go to the putting green, the driving range, or just smack in the middle of the course for all I care, this would probably be so heart-racing.

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8. McComas Pool

Take your special person to the pool! Most would agree that this would be super fun. Being able to tell your friends you hooked up here would be hilarious, and completely worth it.



9. The Fish Bowl

This is the green yard between all the houses over in Oak Lane. This would be pretty brave considering its tons of people’s backyard, but if you are up for it, by all means, go for it!

10. A study Room in NCB

No one used to know what building this was cause it’s brand spankin’ new. It has study spaces everywhere on all the floors, a staircase in the middle that could be pretty cool, and clean enough bathrooms if that is your thing. There are also elevators! What better way to initiate this building as part of the VT community?

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