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8 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At Virginia Tech

8 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At Virginia Tech

Parents… embarrassing and occasionally annoying, but your biggest cheerleaders and the people in this world who love you the most. In fact, your parents are so great that there is a whole weekend in college dedicated to them. Family weekend! You get to see your parents for the first time in three months and it’s definitely wise to spend time with them! In Hokielandia, shopping, tailgating and hiking are all great options – but what about eating out? Keep reading for 8 restaurants you should definitely take your parents to during family weekend at Virginia Tech!

1. Poor Billy’s

Being farther than 100 miles from open water, the thought of seafood in Blacksburg made me weary at first. Although, my suspicions were proved wrong, this restaurant has amazing surf and turf food. Poor Billy’s also has two bars- one downstairs and one upstairs (check out the Hokie barstools!). Many of the options are a little pricey which makes this place great for the special occasion of your parents coming into town.



2. Blacksburg Tap House

This restaurant is my all time favorite. Equipped with a sports bar and outside patio, the Tap house’s Hokie- loving atmosphere is one that simply can’t be rivaled. They use fresh and simple ingredients to provide customers with amazing sandwiches- especially the burgers.

Pro Tip: The Ultimate Burger is absolutely amazing. It is their signature burger which has cheese, bacon, an onion ring, greens, sauce and a fried egg!



3. Macados

Macado’s is a sit-down family restaurant which provides comfort foods at an affordable price. The menu is immense and includes foods like wings, tacos and cheese fries. The place itself is huge and is the perfect place to watch a sports game because there are many large TVs. If you and your parents are looking for something more casual, this is the place to go during family weekend at Virginia Tech!


4. 622 North

622 North is probably the fanciest restaurant in Blacksburg. The atmosphere is very eclectic, and the menu has a bistro feel. What’s better? 622 North Main has their own wine bar.



5. Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inside you will find a bakery shelf that showcases the daily specials along with tables. You order at the front of the bakery, take a number and then have a staff member bring your food to you. Rumor has it that they have French chefs working for them! Their food is always fresh and super delicious!



6. Cabo Fish Taco

Cabo Fish Taco serves the delicious cocktails along with baja style tacos. The interior has a surf vibe and the outside is a patio. The portions are also considerably big!

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7. Boudreaux’s

Boudreaux’s roof top deck dining is inferior to none. Sitting on the rooftop deck provides you with a view of If you choose to sit inside, look at the wall art! It’s super cool and New Orleans style. If you enjoy Cajun style food, this restaurant is the place for you.



8. The Cellar

The Cellar is a restaurant in downtown Blacksburg that is a local’s favorite. They are mainly known for their wide variety of beers and has the best lasagna hands down. Sometimes, The Cellar hosts musicians in the upstairs part of the restaurant.


Where do you plan on taking your parents for dinner during family weekend at Virginia Tech? Comment below and share the article!
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