10 Student Instagrammers To Follow From Bond University

Check out these student Instagrammers to follow from Bond University. From breathtaking beach pics to artsy grunge photos, these accounts are the best!

The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting you have a problem. Today is the day I confront my problems. Hi, I’m Ashley and I am an Instagram addict. With 330 posts to my name, I pose, I like, and I stalk almost professionally. Regardless if you are early or late to the Instagram bandwagon, here are the best, and the funkiest student Instagrammers to follow from Bond University!

1. @Sophia.sorensen

Funky is the only way to describe her account. She shares puns, unlimited sunset snapshots and makes us all green with envy every time she posts a photo from her trips abroad. Do you need another reason to follow?




2. @_modernalpha

Boasting a number of titles including, weightligter, blogger, and online coach @_modernalpha takes the cake when it comes to inspirational posts. His posts are good, but the highlight is his daily stories. Quite definitely worth the watch.




3. @gabbyepstein

1.7 million followers is nothing to mock. Previous bond student @gabbyepstein is paid to travel the world and post to the social media site. Her page is full of seaside locations and super cute outfits.



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4. @sophiewallace__

Writing student @sophiewallac__ knows how to dress, and loves designer bags. Follow for more Aje., Zimmerman and stylish cocktail posts than you could ever ask for.




5. @clarisselafleur

Giving us an insight into the life of the rich and Instagram famous, @clarisselafleur’s instagram is a gallery of her affluent lifestyle: Shoes, bags, jets, boats, and more.



6. @megnbaconburger

@megnbaconburger posts super glam selfies. Her makeup and style are here account’s highlights and she literally always looks great.





7. @max.burden

If you love film photography, look no further than this collection of 35mm shots. The account presents an eclectic mix of grunge, travel and party photos.


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8. @nianhu

Nian is a travel abroad student and feminist, the latter alone is enough for me to love her. This is the perfect page for anyone with the travel bug.



9. @allanabooth

Graduated Bondie @allanabooth is killing the Insta game. Her account offers the ultimate fitspo and inspires me to spend every day at the beach. Both she and her sister recently launched a swimwear line that is to die for!



10. @shitparksofbond

The title speaks for itself. I don’t think I have to say much more.

Can you think of any more student Instagrammers to follow from Bond University? Tag them down below!
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