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10 Things Every Bond University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Bond University Student Asks Themselves

Bond University students all have these thoughts at some point in their university career. Find out 10 thoughts all Bond University students think in uni.

If you go to Bond University you know you have had these thoughts cross your mind. Find out 10 things all Bond Uni students think at some point in their Uni career.

1. Is it worth the money?

A degree doesn’t come cheap at Bond. Sometimes it’s fun to think about what you could be spending your subject fees on in the real world. While your friends from other uni’s laugh about the years it will take them to pay back their degree, you cry.

2. Can we have more holidays?

Avoid scrolling through social media in July at all costs. European holiday pics are the last thing you want to see while you’re stuck in the library writing essay after essay. I mean the whole fast-tracked degree thing is good in theory but I would like more than three weeks between semesters please and thank you.


3. Why is our university named after a criminal?

I know he funded this place and all, but what sort of message does that send? His bronze outstretched arms at Founders corner are a great photo opportunity on the way to Don’s though.

4. Do other uni students work as hard as us?

All university is hard but I swear we work harder. Do we? I totally think we do. I mean we barely get any holidays (see point 2).

5. Are there actually bull sharks in the lake?

Sometimes walking home from a late-night MLC session, you hear a splash that is almost certainly too loud to be a fish. Apparently, the barriers under the bridge stop anything from getting through but I would be taking every precaution if I decided to go for a dip.

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6. Our campus is super pretty.

I mean look at that god damn arch. Now that’s a piece of architecture if I’ve ever seen one.

7. Do people like, you know, in the spa?

Yes, they do and everything is always caught on tape thanks to perfectly positioned security cameras. Your adventurous rendezvous isn’t the most private, just saying. Rumour has it the deed has been done in the middle of the sundial outside the library as well.


8. Will I get a job once I graduate?

A very real fear for most university students. Finding out robots have replaced humans in your chosen industry would make that $100k degree sting a little more.

9. Do my parents miss me?

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a local, you have probably relocated from another state to attend Bond University. And yes, your parents, siblings (even though they won’t admit it) and your dog, miss you every day.


10. Can I be bothered going to class?

Unlike other universities where you are 1 in 400 students, Bond University class sizes are small which means its noticeable when you choose the beach over books. Also, someone figured out that it costs your roughly $200 every time you miss a class. I wish I hadn’t been told that.

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