10 GIFs That Describe Being A Bond University Student

Bond University if the bomb. So, to ease the tension, here are some of what we think, to be spot on representations of what it is like at Bond University. These Bond University GIFs are the best.

Bond University is the ultimate! Some of us try to act neat and all “adult” when it comes to university, but let’s be honest, sometimes we just just aren’t. This amount of social interaction between classmates and lecturers is compulsory I’m afraid. The amount of assessment and critical thinking is mind numbing at times, and we may find ourselves exhausted after going through the day listening, writing notes and sitting still. So, to ease the tension, here are some of what we think, to be spot on representations of what it is like at Bond University.

1. When you walk into class and the lecturer asks why you are late.

2. The class starts at 9:00am, but the lecturer arrives at 9:02am.

3. When the lecturer starts the class off with a surprise quiz to test your knowledge from the past semester.

4. When the class is listening intently to the lecture, and then the teacher calls on you and asks you to academically define a Latin phrase/ a word or phrase you have never heard of before/ the effects of a historical movement in the 1800s….

5. When the lecturer asks for the paper you thought was due at the next class. You didn’t bring/do it… they ask you where it is.

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6. When you are doing a group activity and nobody in your group but one knows what you are doing, so they volunteer to be the key speaker.

7. When you actually do know what you are talking about and someone in your group is called on, stealing the idea, then taking the praise for it…

8. In your own study time, you receive a text from a friend asking to go on a Macca’s run. You carefully weigh your priorities before responding…

9. When you are in your History Lecture, and the lecturer turns it into HIS-story…

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10. And finally, when those gruelling three hours are up and the phrase “class dismissed,” never seemed such a beautiful phrase…

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly relate to all of those. If you or someone else you know does too, why not share it to their wall or tag them. If you can think of any more, leave them in the comments below 🙂 Remain resilient guys! Everyday you spend over the books and in class counts, despite the headaches.

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