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Top Cheat Meal Instagram Pages Every Melbournian Foodie Needs To Check Out

Top Cheat Meal Instagram Pages Every Melbournian Foodie Needs To Check Out

A cheat meal, there's nothing better right! If you're a Melbournian foodie who loves a good cheat meal, you need to check out these Instagram pages ASAP.

If you’re a true Melbournian foodie like me, you’re always on the hunt for the next best cheat meal. But you know what’s even better than a good cheat meal, an Instagram page dedicated to mouthwatering food photography. Here’s a list of my top Instagram pages, sure to inspire a Melbournian foodie on their next tasty adventure.

Sweet Tooth

Now, where are all my sweet tooth’s at? If you love a sweet dessert then you need to get following dessertsofmelbourne Instagram page. This Instagram page features mouthwatering desserts available around Melbourne, and many I guarantee will be making your cheat meal list. Along with this the page features some of Melbourne’s unique desserts like dessert nachos. Ummm because who wants to waste their cheat meal on a basic biscuit, right?

Mustard With That Hot Dog

For my Melbournians in search of a good hot dog to demolish as the ultimate cheat meal, hotdogsofmelbourne is the Instagram page for you. This Instagram page is dedicated to finding the best hot dogs Melbourne has to offer. Featuring mouthwatering posts a hot dog lover could dream of, from the iconic Aussie bunnings snag to dessert hot dogs, this page is the mustard to your sausage. No matter what your tastebuds crave, this page is sure to have your hotdog cheat meal in a bun.


The Bigger The Burger The Better

There’s nothing like a big hearty burger to sink your teeth into. Now if you’re a Melbournian or heading to Melbourne on a hunt for a good burger feed for that cheat meal, then you need to get following burgersofmelbourne Instagram page. This page features some of Melbourne’s must-try burgers that will satisfy your cravings, from stacked up patties to dripping cheese, these Instagram posts have cheat meal written all over them. The best thing too is the pictures have links to the burger restaurants, so you’re sure to have that burger in your hand right after flicking them a like.


Do You Want Fries With That

A side order of fries or should I say a cheat meal of fries. So if you got eyes for the fries, you need to get following mips_chips, an Instagram page featuring Melbourne’s chips and fries. This page is just wow, with so many posts capturing fries and chips you literally want to eat your phone screen. I think the hardest thing is choosing which chips or fries to go with, there are so many options from pizza fries to chili fries who would’ve thought chippies would have so many possibilities. Although there are many chips around Melbourne, the page also includes some international options, for those willing to fly for their chippies.


A Little Bit Of Everything Melbourne Has To Offer

When it comes to the ultimate cheat meal, some of us have our usual cravings and then there are those that will devour what meets the eye. It doesn’t matter what cheat meal seeker you are, cheatmealsofmelbourne Instagram page has you covered. From pizzas, burgers, desserts and Asian cuisine, this page is dedicated to getting your tastebuds racing.

There you have it – my top cheat meal Instagram pages you need to get following right now. Know of any other Melbourne based Instagram pages I’ve left out? I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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