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10 Reasons You Should Wear Sunscreen

10 Reasons You Should Wear Sunscreen

The reasons you should wear sunscreen are profound. Check out why you should wear sunscreen everyday. Sunscreen benefits go a long way and are useful.

As the weather is only getting warmer and the sun is staying out for longer, it is officially ‘sunburn season’ once again! We all have good intentions when this time of the year comes around: make sure you wear sunscreen and reapply every few hours and follow all the other sun-smart rules we all grew up learning. Unfortunately, in reality this sometimes doesn’t go to plan. Here are 10 reasons you should wear sunscreen.

1. To avoid that ‘skin-coloured sunglasses’ look

The sad thing is that you have tried to do the right thing. You decided to step up and protect your eyes from the harsh sun, but ended up getting punished because you didn’t put sunscreen on the exposed parts of your face! This is an epic reason for wearing sunscreen.



2. The ‘look I’m wearing a white singlet… no, that’s just my skin’ burn

It can be one of the easiest traps to fall in to. Wearing a singlet so you can have evenly tanned arms, without that awful sleeve tan-line.If you are going out with the intention of tanning, make sure you regularly check in on your skin and keep that sunscreen layer up.


3. The ‘I fell asleep while eating outside’ style

Arguably, one of the most embarrassing burns, as it tells a story in itself. If wonder what this person in the picture below could have been doing when they got this burn? It will forever be a mystery, I suppose.



4. Don’t forget about the neck!

It can be so easy to forget about certain parts of your body, particularly when you think you have covered up with a t-shirt. But, remember that any part of your body that is exposed to the sun can get burnt! So, play it safe and before you leave the house make sure you slip, slop, slap anywhere at risk!



5. Bathers burns are some of the worst

If you head out for a fun day at the beach, please don’t be that friend that thinks they will be fine without sunscreen. Believe me, I have fallen in to that trap too many times, and the pain you are then forced to endure is not at all worth it!


6. The ‘matchstick’ vibe

This is one of those looks that you really want to avoid at all costs! Just take one look at the picture below and you will hopefully realise  why it is so important to wear sunscreen on your face.



7. ‘It feels like the sun slapped my on the chest’

In order to avoid this glorious look and, what I can only imagine must be the most awful pain, please just be sun smart. Maybe consider chucking on a t-shirt for those long periods of time you plan to be out in the sun!



8. WARNING: Unpleasant results may occur

If you don’t listen to all the words of advice I have tried to give you through this article, I will just let this picture speak for itself… If this isn’t one of the most memorable reasons you should wear sunscreen, I don’t know what is.



9. It’s not just beach-goers or sun-bakers that can be affected

Even when you think you have covered up, you may fall into the trap, like this man below did. You have to take a moment to think about ALL the potential places you have exposed, not just the ones that make you think ‘oh, I am likely to get burnt here’.



10. ‘Ouch, that hurts’ looks

Just take one look at the faces of this couple below, and you will be instantly reminded of the last time you suffered from sunburn. Remember that, yeah it’s not worth that pain. Seriously, this is one of the most crucial reasons you should wear sunscreen. Who wants to be in pain?


In the coming months please remember how important it is to follow sun-safe procedures, and don’t forget to remind your friends of the same! Let me know your ‘sunburn horror stories’ and what you do to stop the burn!

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