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10 First Period Tips To Help You Get Through That Week

10 First Period Tips To Help You Get Through That Week

If it's your first time getting your period, we've been there. Here's some first period tips to help you get through that week of hell and return to your normal self!

If this is your first time getting your period you will quickly begin to understand that periods are the worst, and there’s just no other option but to get through them. Here are 10 first period tips that’ll help you survive that time of the month!

1. Get your girlfriends and stay in!

If you’re suffering, why not bring your friends around so you all can suffer together? I know that doesn’t sound fun but trust me having friends around will definitely take your mind off the discomfort you’re having…and it beats crying by yourself in your room!

2. Light exercise

Look I know exercising is hard enough but being on your period and exercising? Kill me. However it is proven that exercise prevents fatigue, boosts your mood and the best part, enhances blood circulation to ease menstrual cramps. Now i’m not talking about doing an intensive workout routine, just light exercises  will help like going for a walk or doing yoga.


3. Eat good food

By good I mean healthy food and not the pizzas and burgers and chocolate you’ve been craving. Eating more fruits and vegetables help reduce your cramps and it’s good for you! You won’t have to worry about gaining extra pounds after binge eating, nor will you feel bloated. However those cravings can get intense so it’s good for the soul to eat chocolate…but in moderation.

4. Get enough sleep

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep it’s good for you and also the more you’re asleep time will whizz by and your period will end in no time!

5. Treat yourself

I don’t mean with food. Why not get something inexpensive you’ve wanted or just walk around the mall window shopping. It’s a way to make you feel less shit because trust me, I know how shitty it can be.


6. Heat pads!

Heat pads will be your best friend. It’ll help ease your stomach pains and it just feels warm and nice. A must have to get through periods.

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7. Advil

Don’t buy into those instant period pain relievers, that can be expensive and not as effective. All you need is advil. But don’t go popping it like candy though!


8. Water

You’ll need lots of water to keep you hydrated. If you’re dehydrated your period cramps get worse so keep a bottle of water close!

9. Go outdoors

Doesn’t matter if you’re going for a walk around the block or just sitting outside. The fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood immediately. This is definitely one of the best first period tips!


10. Allow yourself to wallow

Periods can be rough and it definitely makes you feel dreadful so it’s okay to have a cry on your bed, or just wallow in self pity for a few hours. Make sure to only do this for a small portion of time so that fatigue doesn’t set in!

Did you enjoy these first period tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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