10 Best Places To Get Brunch In Adelaide

The best places to get brunch in Adelaide are here. These Adelaide brunch places are to die for. Adelaide has the best brunch. Check out Adelaide cafes here

Brunch- The time in-between breakfast and lunch. A time where enjoyable meals can be found. A time of pure happiness. With so many hidden gems all around Adelaide, it was hard to pick only 10 places that you can get the best brunch, however, I have tried my best to narrow it down and this is what I came up with… Check out the best places to get brunch in Adelaide.

1- The Loose Caboose- Bowden

The Loose Caboose, not only does it have a cool name, it serves up absolute treats! With a menu that changes every season, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised every time you brunch here. Situated next to train tracks, you can watch the trains go by, have a good fed and enjoy the service.



2- Cafe Komodo- Prospect

This hidden gem ticks all of the boxes- cute little set up, heaps of seating, lovely staff and incredible food. Just off of Prospect Road, Cafe Komodo has both indoor and outdoor seating (both aestethically pleasing) and has a variety of good, affordable food that everyone is guaranteed to love. Keep your eye out for this cafe though, if you’re not careful you could walk straight past it as it is a little hidden away.


3- Bricks and Stones- Unley

Bricks and Stones has a nice industrial set-up and feel to it. With amusing and clever name of menu items, such as; ‘Granolaohlaah’ and ‘Wakey Bakey’, you’re sure to have a laugh and a good feed at the same time.

4- Darlings Cafe- Tanunda

This cute little cafe is so much more than meets the eye. With so many brunch options, delicious snacks and a coffee that tastes incredible, Darling’s Cafe really does have it all. The people who work here are lovely and you’re bound to walk out of this little cafe with a full belly and a huge smile on your face.



5- Cream- Brighton

With the best latte artist in SA working at Cream, you’re bound to get a good looking cup of coffee with your brunch. Not only does Cream do the absolute classic brunch time meal (bacon and eggs), they offer things you may not find anywhere else, such as; ‘The Ploughman’s Brunch’ and ‘Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich’.



6- Ink Espresso- Largs North

The service and friendly smiles upon arrival at Ink Espresso are enough to make you want to go back, and the food is pretty damn amazing too. With super shakes on the menu, delicious menu items offering variety and a welcoming vibe to the place, you’re sure to love Ink Espresso.



7- Mr Pilgrims- Semaphore

Mr Pilgrims is just off of Semaphore Road and although a small cafe, it certainly delivers big time. So many options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Everything is made fresh and the serves are generous. The cafe itself gives off a warm and cosy vibe and there is both outside and indoor seating for you to choose from. No wonder it makes the list for best places to get brunch in Adelaide.

8- Froth and Frodder- Karrulta Park

This place is always packed and it is clear to see why. With an all day brunch menu you are guaranteed to find something you love. Ranging from sweet to savoury, there really is something for every kind of brunch lover out there. (Hint: You may want to make a booking- especially on weekends- as this place is known to have a line out the door!)


9- UR Cafe- North Adelaide

Just off of Melbourne Street in North Adelaide, UR Cafe is a small and cosy spot to have a delicious and aesthetically pleasing brunch. The presentation is honestly so beautiful it seems too pretty to eat. Once you get a picture for the insta, dig in to some fresh and tasty food that will leave you feeling happy inside.


10- A Mother’s Milk- Unley

A Mother’s Milk is just off of Road and if you’re not looking out you may miss this slightly hidden treasure. The place itself is deceptively big with a whole other back section to the cafe. Not only this, they have outdoor seating too and a menu that packs the punch! If you’re looking for drink selections I highly recommend the Chai Tea! You can’t miss this place! It truly is one of the best places to get brunch in Adelaide.

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