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18 Amazing Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

18 Amazing Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

Remote learning can be very stressful. It requires more discipline and organization than an in-person class. Online classes can be especially tough for those who tend to procrastinate (no shame, we all do that sometimes!). Whether you are currently taking online summer classes or will be in the fall, here are 18 amazing remote learning tips and tricks that will help you tackle those online classes! 

1. Routine 

Having a routine is crucial for being a successful online student. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Try going to bed early and waking up early. Though it might seem lame, every doctor will tell you that a good night of sleep significantly improves our performance! Figure out what works for you and have a consistent routine to keep yourself accountable.

2. Breakfast 

This one might seem odd, but having a good breakfast will give you the energy to work and stay focused. Breakfast also balances our nutrients and blood sugar levels. 


3. Know when you are most productive 

Neurologically speaking, our brain doesn’t work the same all 24 hours. There are only a few hours in the day where we are at our peak of productivity. Figure out when you are your most productive self and try to complete your online classes during that time. 

4. Location

When it comes to remote learning, it is crucial to find a place with a good internet connection and a quiet environment. It is also essential that you associate that room with learning; therefore, try not to spend your spare time there scrolling on your phone or eating dinner. Make your remote learning room as distraction-free as possible. 

5. Do not disturb function on your phone 

Speaking of a distraction-free environment, a do-not-disturb setting on your phone might come in handy when studying. Though listening to music might make your learning process more fun; unfortunately, it won’t make it productive. You can also put your phone in a different room so that you won’t get tempted to check it! 


18 Amazing Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

6. Outfit 

What you wear has a significant impact on your performance. Dress well, test well! Get out of your PJs and put on something you feel confident yet still comfortable in. That way, you will feel ready to get started with your day and accomplish as much as possible! 

7. Planner

I strongly recommend getting a detailed planner and keeping it up to date. This is going to help you stay organized and keep you accountable. Planners are a pure necessity when it comes to meeting deadlines! 


8. Use highlighters & color code

Color coding with highlighters is the simplest way to stay organized. Use different colors when writing things down in your planner and taking notes for a class. Associate one color with each course, module, topic, etc. This is going to help your brain group the information better and retrieve it when you need it. 

9. Write things down 

Speaking of taking notes! Personally, I tend to remember information better when I physically write it down. It has also been proven that the process of taking notes is a great study tool. Though it might require a bit more effort, it is going to pay off in the long run! 

10. Outlook/Google calendar 

Depending on whether you use Gmail or Outlook (or maybe something else!) for your school email, I recommend using the calendar that comes with it. Set up a  reminder that is going to help you keep up with your due dates and keep you on track! 


11. Flashcards 

Though this might seem like an obvious tool, it is still worth mentioning. Use flashcards when studying definitions, timelines, and etc. These are going to help you memorize and learn your material quicker! 

12. (Virtual) study groups 

Connect with the people who are also taking the same online courses and create a (virtual) study group! Not only are you going to get to know everyone better and make friends, but you are also going to have people who can help you with studying! 

18 Amazing Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

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13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Regularly communicate with your professor about the class and whether or not you understand the material. Your professor is there to help you succeed, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help! Try scheduling a Zoom or Skype meeting with them to further discuss your progress. Don’t forget to send them a thank-you note at the end of the course to show your gratitude for their help!

14. Post-It notes 

I use Post-It notes like crazy when it comes to studying! Write important ideas or reminders down and stick them to someplace visible to stay more organized. I also used them when reading textbooks to write down and summarize important thoughts on the pages that you would like to go back to. 


15. Try working ahead if you can 

When I took online classes for the first time, I wish I would have known the importance of working ahead when I have the time to do so. By working ahead, you are going to ease your intense learning process and make meeting deadlines way less stressful. Though it can get annoying, it is going to pay off so much in the long run when you have a spontaneous change of plans. 

16. One thing at a time

Multitasking is not always a great skill. When it comes to learning, multitasking is less productive and, most of the time, distracting. If you are working on a paper or a project for one class, focus on that until you get it done and then move to the next course. 

17. Take care of yourself 

This is one of the most crucial tips of all: don’t forget to take care of yourself! Take breaks often, snack when you are hungry, hydrate, and try to get eight hours of sleep. The way you take care of yourself is going to reflect on your performance. Remember that a grade does not define you. Take deep breaths and just try doing your best. Give yourself some patience and love. 


18. COFFEE!!!

If you can handle caffeine, this one is for you. Fill up your favorite mug with coffee and be ready to get some work done!

18 Amazing Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

I hope this article helped you discover some amazing tips & tricks regarding remote learning. Which advice did you find the most helpful? Comment below and share it with your friends!