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All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

We all know the super-famous supermodel Kendall Jenner, but how does she keep her skin so glowy and fresh? She’s definitely learned a thing or two about beauty from those glamorous photo shoots she constantly goes to. These beauty tips aren’t about using ridiculously expensive products (all though I’m sure she has a few of those in her arsenal), so even us mere mortals can obtain the same effortless beauty looks as miss Jenner. Read on to steal Kendall’s tips and you too will have everyone guessing which agency you model for.

Keep Your Makeup Simple

Even though Kendall’s a supermodel, she doesn’t spend a ton of time getting all done up for the day. According to her Youtube video for Vogue, she really only spends a few minutes applying makeup. Her essentials are ones a lot of girls already have in their bathrooms: foundation, concealer, a little bronzer, mascara, and lipgloss. These products will make you look put together without totally covering up your natural beauty.

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Get Glowing Skin

Kendall hasn’t always had perfect skin, as anyone who’s watched way too many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians knows, but over the years she’s been able to obtain the skin of some girls’ dreams. Her top tip? Do NOT touch your face. The only time when you should be rubbing your skin is when you wash your face, morning and night. Your fingers are covered in all sorts of germs you pick up throughout the day, so you definitely don’t want to get that grime all over your face. 

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Wear Eye Cream

All of Kendall’s famous sisters swear by this beauty tip. I almost gasped when I heard it the first time– eye cream for a 20 something-year-old? Yes, that’s right. It’s never too soon to start keeping your eyes moisturized and protected from wrinkles. Eye creams improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent moisture loss so you can keep on glowing.

Plus, I noticed it makes your makeup go on much smoother. Gently pat it on, don’t rub, to prevent irritation. 

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Reduce Puffiness With A Jade Roller

Supermodels practically live on planes where the air is incredibly dehydrating, and it doesn’t do favors for anybody’s skin. Kendall combats puffy eyes and cheeks with a facial roller to keep the fluids moving around her face. It’s just a bonus that it looks super pretty in your beauty bag! Make sure you wash it frequently to prevent spreading bacteria.

She’s also in love with chapstick while traveling to get rid of chapped lips so gloss can go on smoothly. 

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Mix Your Highlighter

Using skincare to get fresh skin is only have the battle. To really make your skin shine, use a cream highlighter on your cheekbones with a powder one on top. I tried this trick the other day and got so many compliments from random strangers on my glow!

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Just don’t overdo it with highlighters that contain too much glitter. You want to look like you’re glowing from the inside out instead of heading to a rave.

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Keep Your Confidence Up

Confident girls are always the prettiest. Kendall has had to deal with constant pressure from fans to always look her best, but dealing with that criticism isn’t easy at all. The golden rule is if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.

Even if you’re battling acne, dark circles, or other body image issues, always hold your head up high with a smile and you’re guaranteed to look good. As long as you’re radiating good vibes, you’ll always be the prettiest girl in the room, whether you’re wearing Chanel or sweatpants from Goodwill.

All The Best Beauty Tips Inspired By Kendall Jenner

Which of these beauty tips are you going to steal? What’s your favorite beauty look from Kendall? Let us know in the comments below!

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