Easy Makeup Hacks For When You’re Late For Work And Your Life Is Falling Apart

Easy Makeup Hacks For When You're Late For Work And Your Life Is Falling Apart

We aren’t here to judge. We know that sometimes you have those days (or months, let’s be real) when you feel like your life is a barely contained dumpster fire. It happens to the best of us. But when you’re running late and you feel like a mess, you don’t have to look like one! Here are our best easy makeup hacks that barely take any time at all! Perfect for when you’re running late!

Put a Spoon Over Your Eye

This sounds weird, but it works! Grab a small spoon from your kitchen for an easy smokey eye! Prep your eyelids by priming them. Put concealer over top and blend out. Then, cover your lid in the lightest colour you want to use for this smokey eye. Take the spoon and cover your eyelid up to the crease, exposing the crease and making sure that the handle of the spoon is by your nose. Blend into the crease with your darkest colour. Remove the spoon and blend a little into the lighter colour with a transition colour if necessary. Viola! Easy breezy smokey eye!

Easy Makeup Hacks For When You’re Late For Work And Your Life Is Falling Apart

Use Soap to Set Your Brows

Running late and can’t find your brow gel? Brows are more unruly than usual? Just run out of brow gel but desperately need it? No problem! Go into your shower and grab a bar of soap! Rub your brow brush lightly over the soap and apply to your brows. Brush in the direction that your hair grows and leave to set. Style your brows as usual by filling them in or just leaving it at that!

Triple Threat Lipstick

The monochrome look is all the rage right now—and for good reason! Not only is it super cute, it’s also super simple. If you’re running late, a monochrome look is a quick and professional fix! Grab your favourite lipstick and get started by applying it to your eyelid. Blend out a liquid lipstick using a fluffy brush and moving it in a circular motion. For a solid lipstick, treat it like a creme eyeshadow and blend with a soft brush or dab it on with your fingers. Now apply the lipstick to your cheeks. If the lipstick is highly pigmented, use very little to begin with and add more as needed—less is more! Blend out with your fingers to start and then with a blush brush. Finish off by applying your lipstick on your lips! To keep this look professional, we recommend using a pink, red, coral, or orange shade so it’ll look natural. If you have the freedom to play around a bit with your makeup, try using a purple or yellow for an unexpected pop of colour!

Easy Makeup Hacks For When You’re Late For Work And Your Life Is Falling Apart

Put a Q-Tip Between Your Teeth

Have trouble applying lipstick? We do too! That’s why we use this classic q-tip trick to apply it! When you’re in a rush and just don’t have time to fix every little lipstick mistake, take a q-tip, stretch out your mouth into a line, and hold the q-tip between your teeth so that it is resting against your cheeks. Apply your lipstick as usual and remove the q-tip. There will be no lipstick stuck in the corner of your mouth or on your teeth!

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Use a Sharp Object by Your Eye

There are literally tons of hacks for winged eyeliner on Instagram and some of them work, but some of them are just really weird and annoying. Well, we’re here to give you a tried and true hack for applying eyeliner that really does work! Take your gel liner and an eyeliner brush and create a line extending from the corner of your eye towards your the tail of your brow. Starting at the tip of that line, draw another line down towards your eyelid. Fill in and line your eye. While the gel is still not set, take a straight-edged object (such as a fingernail or the end of a very small brush) and drag the tip of the wing out to your eyebrow to create a sharp line. Conceal the end. This is a foolproof way to do eyeliner that will have your friends jealous of your makeup skills, even if they’re not jealous of your life!

Easy Makeup Hacks For When You’re Late For Work And Your Life Is Falling Apart

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