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10 Times Kendall and Gigi Redefined BFF Goals

10 Times Kendall and Gigi Redefined BFF Goals


Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are two of the biggest names in fashion right now. As a perfect dynamic duo, they have not only made their way into everyone’s Instagram feed, but they have also created some serious BFF goals.  Their friendship even has its own nickname: KenGi. Keep reading for 10 of the many times they redefined BFF goals!

1. First off, they’re both flawless.

So automatically, the two of them together means stunning selfies at all times.

They’ve even brought back the mirror selfie.


2. Together, they take the BEST photo shoots.

Considering both of them are supermodels already, their individual photo shoots are already perfect.  But if you put the two of them together? The perfection is out of this world.


3. They embrace how everyone adores their friendship.

And they prove it with matching KenGi necklaces.

4. They share their most special moments.

They even shared the moment of walking for the first time in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show together.

5. Their sleepovers consist of Chanel Couture, room service and dance parties.

Who knew there could be #sleepovergoals?



6. They can switch hair colors with each other and still look fabulous.

All while clad in custom Balmain of course.


7. Not only do they rule the runway, but they rule it together.

New York, Paris Fashion Week, Milan? You name it, they’ve done them all.

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8. They are not just work friends; they take amazing vacations together.

Think: yachting on the Mediterranean and celebrating New Year’s in Dubai.

9. They each have their unique style, but aren’t afraid to be twinning.

Because all true BFFs have twinned at some point.


10. They give girl’s night out a whole new meaning.

Seriously though…they are the epitome of style inspo.


So many BFF goals, so much BFF envy! If you ever have room in your squad Kendall and Gigi, we’re available!

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