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20 Reasons New York Should Definitely Be Your Next Destination

20 Reasons New York Should Definitely Be Your Next Destination

There are so many things to do in New York. New York is full of hidden gems and there is always something to do or a fun place to eat- no matter the time of the day. People say that New York is one of the best cities to live in within the US, and there are hundreds of reasons why. But some of the most amazing things to do in New York may not have occurred to you yet, so keep reading for 20 things to do in New York that absolutely prove New York should be your next destination.

1. You will literally never not have something to do.

New York City is called the city that never sleeps for a reason. Whether you’re hungry, in the mood for a wild night out, or just want a place to chill, there is always something for you to do. Whether you want to do something at 1 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, there is always going to be something open for you.

Looking for things to do in New York?

2. New York City has undoubtedly the best bagels in the entire world.

#Priorities. Some people say it’s the water, others say it’s the ingredients, but no matter what, no matter where you go, NY has the best bagels ever. Whether you just want a plain bagel with butter or a tie-dye bagel with birthday cake cream cheese, no other bagel can beat a NY bagel.


There are so many things to do in New York!

3. New York City’s Times Square is truly a sight to behold.

If you want something to do at midnight or really any time of the night, head to Times Square, and the crowds of people and events going on will be sure to get you up and keep you busy!

Times square is one of the best things to do in New York!


4. Broadway in New York City is positively magical.

Singing, dancing, acting, you name it, Broadway has it. From Phantom of the Opera to Wicked, any play you see will have you out of your seat to sing and dance along because they is a play for everyone!


5. You will find every shopping destination you would ever need on Fifth Avenue.

Rodeo drive of New York City, from Saks to Rockefeller Center, is the best of the best and is available and ready for all your shopping needs. Just don’t forget your wallet!


6. The Hamptons offers relaxing beach scenery if you need a quick break from the hustle & bustle of the city.

From beautiful beaches to overpriced lobster rolls, everything about the Hamptons is serene, beautiful, and most importantly- relaxing. Even though it gets busy in the summer, it is definitely worth checking out.

7. Oh, you want to try outside water sports? New York City has Lake George for that.

If you love water sports and being outside with your family or friends, then this is the place for you.


8. Don’t think you have enough money to shop Fifth Ave? New Yorck City has the Woodbury Commons Outlets.

From designer to name brands, Woodbury Commons has a shop for everyone. And since they’re outlet stores, there are extraordinary savings every day!


9. If you want to have a picnic next to a lake in the middle of the city, we have Central Park for you.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and overlooked places in NY is Central Park. Central Park not only has a beautiful zoo, but it spans many blocks, and the big lake in the middle of central park is a beautiful place to sit down watch the scenery, and have lunch with friends.

10. Do you like Chinese food? New York City has the best.

Queens, just like the rest of New York, is very diverse. Flushing in Queens, has a large Asian population, and is thought to have some of the best Chinese food out of the rest of NY. Of all the Chinese restaurants and take out places, Joe’s Shanghai is probably the most popular because of their infamous soup dumplings!


11. Who says it is hard to find things to do in New York in the winter?

Many New Yorkers know that NY winters can be brutal with cold temperatures and wind especially with the tall buildings, trapping most of the cold air. However, with the Rockefeller Center tree, ice skating in Bryant Park, and the Tiffany Snowflake, everywhere you turn you will not only see Christmas but you will smell it too!


12. The Radio City Music Hall has some of the best performers ever.

Because you’ll finally have a reason to see the famous NY Rockettes!

13. The Empire State Building. Enough said.

The tallest building in NY gives amazing views over the city, and yes you can go to the very top with just an elevator! Plus it is usually lit up in special colors!


14. Into that nightlife scene? New York City has the best.

Whether you want to go clubbing or to a themed bar with friends, something will always be open. If you are craving something sweet head to Max Brenner or The Sugar Factory for sweet and savory drinks. Or if you want something simpler and relaxing, head to the highline where there is a beautiful view of the East River, or head to Brooklyn and relax by the Brooklyn bridge where you can get amazing views of the NYC skyline.

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15. Like museums at all? New York City has one for the arts, history, and even ice cream.

If you are in the mood for history head to the Museum of Natural History, or if you’re in the mood for art head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Modern Museum of art. Sometimes there are pop up museums like the Ice Cream Museum-which is largely interactive and deliciously sweet!

16. Famous movie scenes are always being filmed around New York City.

Probably the most famous of all the movies filmed in NY is Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Holly Golightly gazing into the Tiffany’s window on 5th Avenue. From the original Ghostbusters to The Proposal to Night at the Museum, there are endless places and possibilities to shoot movie scenes in NY!


17. Enjoy roller coasters? New York City has Coney Island.

Head on the Cyclone- the famous wooden roller coaster first, and then grab a hot dog and a funnel cake while taking a walk on the boardwalk or the beach if it’s still light out!

18. Nothing beats New York style pizza. Nothing.

Nothing beats NY pizza. Some say it’s the sauce, others say it’s how the pizza is made that make it so special. Whatever it is, its amazing and not like any pizza you’d find anywhere else.



19. There is something for everyone’s interests, and if there isn’t today, look into it tomorrow.

From the West Side to the East Side, from art school to Wall Street, NY is so diverse, that there is something for everyone, whether it be career wise or a taste in food. But if there isn’t something then it’s created because in the US, and especially in NY, anything is possible with a little effort and belief.


20. Although there is a huge sense of diversity, there is an even bigger sense of belonging.

Many people say New York is too large and many of the residents are generally unwelcoming. And while some of that may be true, I believe that anything new is going to seem bigger to someone. No matter what part of New York you are from, you will always be considered a New Yorker- no matter what race or color you are.


What are some other things to do in New York? What are some other reasons someone just has to visit? Comment below and share this article with friends!

20 Reasons New York should definitely be your next destination
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