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The 5 Stages Of Getting Ready For Your First College Party

The 5 Stages Of Getting Ready For Your First College Party

Getting ready for your first college party can be both exciting and nerve wracking! I remember getting prepping for my first college party and all the thoughts that were running through my head and the expectations I had. To help you prepare, here are the five stages (that you can pretty much bank on) of getting ready for your first collegiate soiree.

Stage One: Choosing The Party

There will be many college parties to attend- especially your first week of college, so deciding on which one to go to can be a little tricky. Usually the party the entire campus is talking about on social media is the one everyone will go to!

Stage Two: Choosing The Outfit

This has to be the most important part of getting ready for your first college party. Keeping up with the latest trends and deciding on that perfect outfit is intimidating…but just scroll through Pinterest. It’ll provide some amazing inspiration. Check out our article on what to wear to college parties for some ideas that will always work. Now if you want to get a new outfit, thrifting will become your best friend! Your broke college student instincts start to kick in and you learn how to ball on a budget!


Stage Three: Choosing The Entourage

The people you go with can either make or break your experience. Make sure you go with people who you know will have the time of your life with and look back on in the future.

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Stage Four: Choosing The Makeup

In college, you’ll quickly learn that when it comes to makeup, less is more. It shouldn’t take you two hours to put your face on. Your makeup should be minimal, but still highlight your best features. The heavy eye shadow should be replaced with a more shade and your lip color should keep light unless it’s a more formal event. You’re going to be dancing for hours and don’t want to look like the joker when you leave.


Stage Five: Choosing The Time

Arriving to your first college party at a decent time is crucial. If you’re the first to arrive, then you’re just standing around waiting on everyone else to get there. If you go later, you may miss most of the party. Getting to a party an hour after it starts still allows for time to enjoy the festivities and takes away the awkwardness of the freshman looking like high schoolers waiting for the party to start.

Have any tips for those about to embark on their first college party? Share in the comments!

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