15 Shoes You Can Wear To Any Formal Event

There are a lot of fancy occasions that people have to go to in their lives. You will go to weddings, engagement parties, fancy dinners, proms, and so much more. These are times where everyone has to get all dressed up and look their best. These are the events where fashion is incredibly crucial. While your first thought may go towards the clothing, there is another key part of the outfit. You must think about the shoes. They are what tie the whole look together and can make or break an outfit. It is key that they match the occasion and they match the rest of your outfit. Wear a stylish pair and you may draw some eyes down. There are many different ways you can approach the task of picking shoes, and all of these shoes listed will make for a perfect event.

Party Girl

1. Party Girl

Just because you are dressing up doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Put some flair in what you wear. These shoes would be perfect for any sort of big party where people do not take themselves too seriously. Specifically as sandal heels, they’ll work great in the warm weather times of year. You should probably not wear a floor length gown with these, as you want to show these shoes off. Wear it with a little black dress, something neutral on top to give an excuse to be more creative with your shoes. These are definitely eye-catching and the color and style will show how much you love to party.

Classic Pumps

2. Classic Pumps

You can never go wrong with a classic. Black pumps are an iconic shoe that have stood the test of time. They show off how sleek and posh you are as well as showing that you know fashion. They are not too warm for the summer time and not too open for the winter time. Some may say they are basic, but basic never has too mean boring. These are reliable shoes that will work with any outfit. Any color dress and any length dress will work great with these shoes. Most events will be appropriate for these shoes as they will fit in everywhere. You are going to rock these shoes, and everyone will admire your elegance. You can go wild with your dress, but still be an old soul with a great sense of fashion.


Cinderella Slippers

3. Cinderella Slippers

Everyone dreams of having that magic princess moment. Cinderella got to go to the ball with her amazing outfit and amazing shoes. These heels are the closest that you can get to having those magical shoes. Don’t worry, they will last past midnight. These are shiny shoes that will glow under any light. They combine the elements of simple elegance and wild style. It will work great for anything fancy, especially a prom where you will really feel like a princess. A long dress would work great with this dress, but a shorter one could be pulled off as well. This is a great color where even though it does not feel like a neutral, it will go with so many colors, from a fun pink to simple black. Live your fairy princess moment and wear that dreamy look.

Platform Sandals

4. Platform Sandals

Sometimes elegant shoes, like a lot of the ones on this list, can feel like a bit much. You may not want the razzle dazzle that comes with dressing up, and that is okay. Even with the obligations of dressing up, you will find a shoe that fits your personality. This is a shoe that will not make you stand out in a bad way at an event, but will not be too uncomfortable. This is a heeled sandal that works for fancy times and will work for nice events. The black color is what helps it give off an impression of being fancy, as it is a very nice neutral for shoes. It also has heels that won’t be too uncomfortable to walk in, but still a heel if that is what you want to. This may not be a prom shoe, but it will still work for most parties. Wear it with most colors, maybe even a pattern in a mid length dress for a great look. It is your outfit, work with what you want.

Wild Style

5. Young At Heart

Shoes can make many different kinds of statements. Sometimes there are nice shoes that are plain in order to show off the clothes that you are wearing. Other times, shoes can be a time to go crazy. These are a pair of shoes that support that latter statement. These are some shoes that will definitely get everyone’s attention. The funky pattern will add some fun to your outfit to show that you have your own sense of style. Patterned and crazy shoes don’t have to be saved for sneakers or other casual kicks. These are a pair of heels that will work for a nice event and no one will think you are out of place. If you want to show these off, you probably should not wear a dress that is too long. In terms of dress colors, either wear a color that is in the shoes, like pink, or a neutral color that goes with everything, like black. It is time to party the night away, so do it being your authentic self.


Simple Sparkles

6. Simple Sparkles

You do not have to make a choice on how far you want to go with your fashion. You want to take it easy, but you may also want to sparkle. These are the shoes for you. They have some glimmer on the top that will shine in any light as a real statement. However, the heel and the structure is not too complicated or uncomfortable. They are easy to put on and easy to walk around in for hours. You do not have to sacrifice style. These shoes will glimmer all night so everyone will end up taking a look. This shoe will go great with a shorter dress due to its style, and maybe a darker color like a maroon or black. Get ready to dance the night away and be the center of attention on that dance floor, because now you can do both at once.

A Little Extra

7. A Little Extra

Fancy events are times to get as dollar up as you want. You can go a little crazy and put some effort in your look. This is not casual time, this is a time where people will pay attention to what you wear. Shoes like these are for the people who relish in these opportunities. The little flowery accessory on the side of the shoe is for people who love attention. It elevates an otherwise normal shoe as a way to show that you are somewhere that is elegant. The stiletto heel adds to how much you are willing to do for this. Wearing this with a long black tie formal dress would help emphasize this glamorous look. Most colors would work, particularly colors like pink and blue that are especially striking. Dress up and flaunt your look, and cherish these fancy moments.

Slip On Shine

8. Slip On Shine

Let’s not forget those outdoor occasions that require a formal look From outdoor weddings to classy garden parties, you need to prepare for every occasion. Those high heels will not always cut it in the grass, and some fancy low shoes may not work either. These are the type of shoes that are perfect for an outdoor fancy setting. You can just slip them right on and your feet are instantly dazzling. Even with your shoes in the grass, everyone will be able to see the sparkle as it will not sink too deep. Also, if you ever get to the point where you do not feel like wearing your shoes anymore and just want to put your feet in the grass, these shoes can come right off. They are great for quick changes and the great outdoors. Because of this, they will go great with a nice summery short yet nice dress. Most colors work with these shoes, maybe even some nice flower patterns. Enjoy the nice day out and show that your style works everywhere.


Clear Base

9. Clear Base

You might want to focus more on the clothing of your outfit. If the shoes are more of an afterthought, that is totally okay. Maybe you want a shoe that does not steal too much focus from your clothing, but is still cute. These shoes serve that purpose. These shoes are clear, which means they are not particularly eye-catching. You can not really see much of the shoe, so everyone will be focusing on your killer outfit. However, there are some little sparkles along the heel so you can get a little bit of a shimmer. The shoe also has a pump style so that you can still fit into a fancy event even if your shoe is not dramatic. Because of the clearness, you can wear this shoe with all colors and patterns, and the pump style will work with a below the knee dress best. Be daring and vibrant with your wonderful clothes, and let these shoes show those clothes off.

Shiny Flats

10. Shiny Flats

Many shoes of this list have emphasized some big sparkles to stand out. These shoes can do that, but you do not have to wear heels to do it. Not everyone is a heels persona as they can sometimes be uncomfortable or maybe some people do not want that extra height. That does not mean those people should be left out of the fun. These pack in some extravagance, but closer to the ground. There is no sacrificing style in these flat shoes. They have the razzle dazzle and can help you be a knock out at any formal event. The best part is that they won’t be too overpowering to the rest of your outfit. Since they are flats, a long dress would work really well as there is not danger like in heels. Even though there are sparkles, this is a fairly neutral color that will go with all colors. You will look your very best and shiniest, and you do not have to worry about tripping in heels.

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Bright Red Booties

11. Bright Red Booties

A lot of shoes can be neutral base colors, whereas others can be a bright standout. These shoes have a shocking color that will capture anyone’s eyes. It is a glowing shade that screams hot stuff. Red is a power color that shows confidence. Therefore, wearing these shoes will help build your confidence at any event. If you feel you do not know many people, you will by the end of the night. Get ready to strut your stuff. The style of these booties will add to the confidence and will help with your walk. Even if it is not the time of year for sandals or other types of open shoes, you can still look fabulous. Some sort of knee length dress would work with these shoes. You can wear black if you are all about showing off the shoes, or maybe blue if you want the whole outfit to be something special. Dress to show that you know what you are doing.

Good Girl Mary Janes

12. Good Girl Mary Janes

You probably know the old school Mary Jane look. It is seen in the basic school uniforms to show that someone plays by the rules. However, these shoes do not have to just be for the goody two shoes of the world. When worn right, they can make someone look super cool and someone who is down to let loose. The high heel of these shoes can show a mature vibe that wants to make the most of big parties. This is a style that has been around for a long time and it does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon, so make the most of it. To go against the good girliness of the shoes, where a shorter alternative dress that is meant for a wild child, possible in a bold color. Your look can be good girl meets bad girl, and that equals everyone admiring your looks at any formal event.

Traditional Made New

13. Traditional Made New

You may be someone who likes to stick with the classics. You can be tried and true when it comes to your outfits and your shoes. Maybe it is time to switch it up. These are shoes for people who respect the classics, but are willing to try something new. The actual shoe part is a basic black shoe, but the silver shimmer of the heel makes it unique. It adds a little flair to give your outfit some style. If you are going to a big event, you should be free to express yourself. Some shoes on this list may be a little crazy for you, and that is okay. This will help you stand out just a little. It will look great with a somewhat long dress, and pretty much every color will go great with these classic colors. Have fun at your party as your most stylish self.


Snakeskin Style

14. Snakeskin Style

Some patterns give off a certain vibe as soon as they are seen. Snakeskin pattern gives off the vibe of someone who has a bit of a rebel in them and is not very buttoned up. Add snakeskin to any outfit and it will make someone just a little tougher and a little more fun. That is the great part of these shoes. The style itself of these shoes is not particularly daring or crazy, so you do not have to fully commit to a certain image. This will just give your outfit a little something extra. With your dress, you can go for something midlength in a plain dark color, you don’t want clashing patterns. The vibes of your look are up to you, so make the most of them.

Fancy Rockstar

15. Fancy Rockstar

You may not always get the time to dress up. So make the most of the times where you are going all out. You should put your best foot forward, literally and go big. These shoes just scream rockstar and party. They are for people who want to have fun with what they wear and want to look drop dead gorgeous. These shoes may not be for all fancy events, like maybe not for something too stuffy and serious. However, if it is a fancy event where the guests have free reign, go nuts. These shoes would look amazing with a short dress in a bright fun color, although pink for the dress could be too much. Confidence is the perfect accessory with the shoes so get ready for a night where you will stand out.