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How To Keep Your Plants Alive While Living In A Dorm

How To Keep Your Plants Alive While Living In A Dorm

There are so many benefits to having plants but keeping them alive while living in a dorm can be extremely difficult. Don’t let the stress from college keep you from having a green thumb! We’re here to save you the trouble of using trial and error tactics! Keep reading to cut straight to what you need to do to keep your plants alive while living in a dorm room! 

Pick The Right Plant

I’m sure it’s tempting to purchase a beautiful blooming orchid or the iconic monstera deliciosa! I’m guilty of it myself and have unfortunately lost more than a few plants in my attempts to prove I have a green thumb. The truth of the matter is that certain plants are just a lot more work and won’t thrive in the conditions that dorm rooms provide!

Don’t lose hope yet! There are still plenty of low-maintenance plants to choose from that will add some life to your room and even some extra surprising benefits! Fun fact: plants are known to clean the air, boost productivity, and relieve stress! Not to mention they make the perfect decor!


When you find yourself in the garden section of your local supermarket, keep an eye out for plants like the lucky bamboo, peace lily, snake plant, pothos, aloe vera, or any other type of succulent! While there are some small variances in care, all of these plants are easy to keep alive and will be a great decoration to liven up your dorm!

Repot and Replenish

It is convenient and completely understandable to purchase a plant and then keep it in the same pot and soil that it came in from the store. However, you shouldn’t always trust that it will be enough to keep your plant alive! Making sure the pot provides proper drainage and the soil is full of vital nutrients is an essential step in maintaining your plant’s longevity!


Stores tend to sell plants in grow pots that are too small and restrict the roots from growing. The first thing you should do is pick out a better home for your new leafy green friend so it has room to grow! This is the perfect opportunity to get a pot that matches the style of your room! Just make sure it is 2 inches wider than the grow pot your plant originally came in!

The process of transferring your plant can be a bit tedious but don’t let getting your hands dirty deter you from keeping your plants alive! If you put in the effort now, all other plant maintenance will be much easier in the long run! A quick Google search on plant care will result in dozens of videos to guide you in the right direction!


Keep A Watering Pot Handy

Don’t let laziness kill your plants by keeping a watering pot in your room! A larger container is ideal because you’ll fill it up once and have enough water to last the whole semester. You’ll save yourself a trip to the communal kitchen or bathroom and be more likely to water your plants properly!

Since dorms tend to be a bit cramped as it is, a small watering pot will work too! Just make sure you’re staying on top of filling it up! Think of it as an extra piece of decor in your room and pick one that really speaks to you! Any bit of motivation to keep your plants alive will help!


Schedule Times To Water

Agendas are super useful for all aspects of college life! They help you remember when your projects are due and if your club meeting is on Thursday or Friday. Start marking your calendar on the days you should be watering your plants and increase your chances of remembering to take care of your botanical bestie!

A good rule of thumb is to water your plant when the top 2 inches of soil are dry! You can check this with a toothpick or your finger if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty! When it’s the day you usually water your plants, check to make sure they need it! Overwatering is just as harmful as underwatering! It’s totally normal to adjust the watering schedule based on your plant’s needs!

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Check For Pests

Indoor plants are less likely to be bothered by pests but it is still good practice to check! During your weekly waterings, give your plant some extra love by looking to see if it’s become home to any annoying critters like aphids or spider mites. 

I’m sure the last thing you want to deal with is a bug infestation but it’s actually not so hard to rid your plants of pests! A spray bottle filled with water and soap is the perfect weapon! Spray a generous amount onto your plant wherever you see bugs. This homemade concoction will immobilize the pests and you can wipe it off with a damp paper towel! I promise your plants will be perfectly safe and thank you for keeping them alive and healthy!


Let The Sun In

Having proper exposure to sunlight will keep both you and your plants thriving! Get in the habit of opening your blinds or curtains at the start of your day. All plants need sunlight for photosynthesis which is the process of them making their own food. Even if your dorm room closely resembles a dim basement, take advantage of every bit of sunlight that you can offer to your plants.

Remember to keep in mind how much sun your plants need access to! For instance, succulents need full access to the sun while other plants like the lucky bamboo prefer indirect sunlight. All that means is that you should think carefully about where you’re putting your plants in your room!  Your best chance for keeping your plants alive is by doing the necessary research and staying as true to what you find as possible! 


Dead plants definitely don’t pass the vibe check! Start using these helpful tactics today to keep your plants alive and well! Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have any more tips and tricks in the comments!

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