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10 Things Every Clemson Student Should Know

10 Things Every Clemson Student Should Know

You might think you already know all the basics but chances are there's more for you to learn. Keep reading for 10 things every Clemson student should know!

Congratulations! You have been accepted (or currently attend) Clemson University in South Carolina. You might think you already know all the basics, but chances are that there’s more for you to learn. Keep reading for 10 things every Clemson Student needs to know!


1. Don’t buy ‘new’ books.

It might seem like the smartest option to buy all your books ‘new’ from the on-campus bookstore. I promise you this: if you do a little shopping around, chances are that you’ll find some of your books ‘used’ for half the price. They’re usually still in great condition!


2. Stay active.

The freshman 15 doesn’t only happen to freshmen. Do yourself a huge favor, and stay active throughout all of college. Join a club or an intramural sports team…or better yet drag yourself to Fike a few days a week. Whatever works for you!

3. Eating out gets expensive.

Dining halls get boring and cooking is a hassle, but eating out really adds up. Do your best to cook for yourself, especially if you’re living in a house or an apartment.




4. You need to go to every home football game.

Okay maybe not every single one but seriously, you can’t just not go to a football game.

5. Get involved.

Clemson has so many ways for you to get involved. Whether it’s Greek Life, sports, clubs, or something else, just join something!!


6. Explore the surrounding towns and cities.

Sometimes Clemson feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. But surprisingly, there are great small cities around it such as Greenville and Asheville. Don’t be afraid to take a day trip and explore!


7. Go to class.

Just go. You’ll feel a lot more prepared and informed when it’s time to take the exams. You’ll thank yourself later.

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8. Take advantage of campus resources.

Clemson has endless academic resources available to all students. From Supplemental Instructors (SI) to free tutoring, there’s something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to utilize these!

9. Parking services will never be your friend.

They will find you, and they will ticket you. Try to familiarize yourself with the parking rules, but don’t be surprised if they ticket you anyways!




10. Explore all the delicious food.

Between downtown Clemson and the surrounding areas, there are so many good places to eat! Treat yo’self to some Smokin’ Pig BBQ or Todaro’s Pizza!!

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