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10 Halloween Costume Ideas from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

When Halloween season comes around, the hardest thing to pick, besides the perfect pumpkin to carve, is the perfect Halloween costume to wear. There are so many options to decide between, so I figured who better than the queen of witching season, Sabrina the teenage witch, to provide us with some great Halloween costume ideas!

1. Grease

I don’t think Grease will ever get old, and neither will this costume. Who wouldn’t want to pull off the 50s look for a night, I mean, it’s SO cute! Layer a polo under a crew cut sweater and rock a brightly colored poodle skirt to complete this look.

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2. Biker

Here’s another fun costume! A littler more tough-guy than your Sandy-gone-bad-girl look (yes, that’s a Grease reference), this idea is relatively easy to pull off. All you need is a black leather jacket (and hat if you can find one), and a few chains to attach to your jeans. If you’re a natural sweetheart, why not be the complete opposite for a day with this costume idea?

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3. Cupid

Is there anything cuter than baby cupid? How about you dressed up as grown up cupid! A frilly white dress, a pair of wings, and of course a bow and arrow will round out this angelic costume.

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4. Safari

Remember the Thornberry’s? YUP! After you’ve gathered your safari hat and jacket, all that’s missing for this outfit is the long, red braids and BAM, Eliza Thornberry will will be the perfect throwback for this Halloween celebration!

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5. Senorita

This costume is probably the most intense on this list, but with a little creativity it won’t be that hard to recreate! Throw on one of your sassiest dresses, wear big hoop earrings, pin a few large flowers in your hair and don’t forget the fan.

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6. Opera Singer

I can imagine whoever decides to go with this Halloween costume idea will be singing all over the town, and I totally respect that. Being an opera singer isn’t easy, but totally worth losing your voice over. Lace up a bustier, throw on a long skirt, tie your hair into braids and (if you can) find a viking hat to pull the look together.

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7. Flapper Girl

Flapper girl costumes have been a hit, year after year, but this one is my favorite. You can never go wrong with the boa and headband combination. Plus, what better way to represent women as a flapper girl. The flapper girl started the breakthrough of women’s fashion as an expression – so go ahead, express yourself!

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8. Hot Tamale

If you can pull this costume off, than it is true, you are one HOT TAMALE!

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9. Boxer

I love this Halloween costume idea because it’s very easy to pull together last minute. A pair of athletic shorts and a sports bra are the main necessities. If you can find a pair of boxing gloves, perfect. If not, try wrapping your hands in medical tape – then you can say you’re a bare knuckle boxer!

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10. Belly Dancer

Lately I’ve seen a lot of gypsy costumes but no one really goes for the old school belly dancer anymore. A pair of harem pants, a bikini top and a jeweled headband perfect this look. Plus you can show off your sexy curves with this Halloween costume idea.

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