A Day in the Life of a College Student

My typical day is out-of-whack from the start. I am sometimes up till 3 a.m. watching Star Trek, ogling Spock and Kirk and the numerous members of the Starship: Enterprise, on my well-loved-with-out-of-date-software laptop. I bathe around 4 a.m., and then I read part of a book (I’m in my YA phase, because, well, I’m a YA) to help me fall asleep. I am woken at 8:30 by my frazzled roommate who is panicking over how much time we have left to get to class (it’s 30 minutes, but she’s a worry wart).

From here I will get dressed in my usual go-to consisting of jeans, a t-shirt and my beloved denim jacket. Then I will make a cup of coffee or finish off a bottle of Snapple from the previous night’s macaroni-and-chicken meal (I have a problem), while I continue whatever book I was reading earlier that morning. I simultaneously roll my eyes at my roommate’s inability to decide if she should go with the red or the blue. If I offer my humble suggestion of red, chances are she’ll go with blue. It’s our routine; and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Before heading to class, we ‘pick up’ our friend (she’s in the dorm directly below ours) who is usually not ready by the time we get there, rather “almost done.” I wait patiently while picking apart her morning playlist with pointed comments such as, “early ‘00s T-Swift? Really?” And “this pseudo-love affair thing you have with Jason Mraz? Let. It. Go.” She ignores me, as expected, while trying to decide what to wear. We’re out of the main door for the trek to campus usually with ten minutes before class begins. On the way, we discuss a myriad of things, unless it’s raining. Then my long-legged friends move quickly ahead of me, leaving me behind in the metaphorical dust, with only my bow legs and earphones for company.


On a good day, I’m in class 30 minutes before the day begins because I woke early and ditched my friends. But on a typical day, the teacher is right on my heels as I rush into class and claim the outlet beside the door and my seat two tables behind. I quickly open my laptop, opening up my Twitter, e-mail, blog, Buzzfeed, and Rolling Stone (sometimes Pitchfork or even Stereogum, depending on my mood) with an 8tracks playlist to finish it off. I go through the important stuff, do at least one Buzzfeed quiz, and then settle down to actually pay attention to whatever university things I will be taught that day. Sometimes I learn something, sometimes I don’t. My brain picks up the useful stuff and discards anything useless (so pretty much everything) and I rinse and repeat for each class.

After school, sometimes I stay on campus longer to update my blog and read up on whatever new or old artist I’m obsessing over at that moment, but I usually head back to my dorm to finish up a book or catch up on sleep. When I wake up, it’s studying for tests and then the Star Trek (or Star Wars) marathon all over again. Or the Sims 3 and all its expansion packs.

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This is the day in the life of a college student…when that college student is me. Basically, I do whatever feels right in the moment. That’s what I love about college- the lack of responsibility for anyone but yourself, the freedom to decide what you want to do with your life, whether it’s partying or studying or marathoning ancient TV series/movies.


I’m a seventeen year old Nigerian girl who has absolutely no compunctions about ignoring real life and people in favor of harmonies, words and pixels. I like it like that.

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Tammy Oladipo

Tamilore Oladipo is a 17 year old Nigerian going to her second year of university. She is a blogger at A Little Bit Alternative, a music blog that she began in November 2014. She likes music, books/comics, movies, TV, Tumblr, and is an avid member of various fandoms.

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