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10 Best Companies you Should Invest in

10 Best Companies you Should Invest in

As we are progressing further into technological advanced for the business environment, setting up our investments with higher-up company’s has assisted many people in earning extra money. Here are some of the best company’s that anyone should consider investing in to help their future assets grow.  

1. Starbucks

Sure as kids we only cared about always going to Starbucks and getting a light coffee because it made us feel like we had a good sense of maturity. But as we got older, all that money we are spending on those coffees is going directly towards the company itself. So instead of giving our money for some regular cups of coffee, let’s try putting it into the stock market to watch our revenues grow from the company’s daily sales. Just think of this as a more mature way of playing slot machines. You technically giving your money to earn money, but for a business purpose. 

Coffee company's are great to invest in


2. Nike

If your a person who has been into sport for a long time, Nike is the company where you should be making long-term investments with. Nike is not just popular for its fashionable and sports apparel in clothes and shoes. But its major endorsements would have to be signing with Basketball legend Michael Jordan. Ever since has signed a contract to sponsor his signature Jordan shoes, Nike has been earning Billions every week. If you are investing your money with a sports legend, trust me you are going in the right direction.

Sports brands are always a solid to invest in

3. Adidas

Ok, Adidas and Nike have been going hand in hand with each other for decades now. But one of the unique things about investing in Adidas is that you will be securing assets not just in America but in other countries overseas too. Adidas was one of the first sports brands to get sponsored during the Olympics in Europe, making this sports brand popular in countries like Germany and Berlin. So when you invest with Adidas, your money is guaranteed secured in more than just one country. 


Try to invest your assets with company's with more of a global reach

4. UFC

The UFC has remained one of the most electrifying company’s in mixed martial arts. From hosting million-dollar paper view events to having celebrities open up, the UFC is probably one of the most top-rated companies in revenue sales. The best thing about the UFC is that it is made easy for everyone to not only invest in but to place sports bets. I couldn’t think of anything better than going to a sports bar, watching an exciting fight, and winning money off of who you think is the better fighter. That right there is a win-win situation if you ask me. 

If you want to invest, combat sports is where the money is at


5. Mc Donald’s

Most people just see McDonald’s as cheap regular fast food, when its purpose has been more about bringing people together for the simple things in life. For nearly eight decades, Mc Donald’s has grown into becoming more than just a regular fast food organization collaborating with school foundations and sponsoring athletes. So when someone asks you why would you choose to invest your money in a simple fast food restaurant, just let them know it’s because you feel secure knowing that its net worth on average is over 19 billion. 

Its the simple companies that are the best ones to invest in

6. Apple 

Since the launch of the first iPhone  in 2007, Apple has been dominating the technology market by selling products such as phones, Ipods, watches, and tablets. Apple’s financial success has to do with staying ahead of its competitors by designing and producing products that value the creativity that should be released quicker than any other smart device. Apple’s biggest consumers come from young kids because Apple’s main objective in its products is its beauty in simplicity. Apple investments go up quicker than most other tech company’s by having their products on the market quicker. 

Apple is the highest tech company to ever invest in


7. Chipotle Mexican Grill

For over ten years, Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants have run their economic success in operating a chain of restaurants serving burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and quesadillas. This company provides top-of-the-line online platforms for easy online orders and pickups which has been a very beneficial use since the coronavirus outbreak. The company has been operating thousands of Chipotle restaurants in the U.S since last year. 

Chipotle is probably the highest food company to invest in

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8. Ross clothing store

Ross stores have been operating off of retail apparel and home accessories. This company offers top-name brand and designer apparel, footwear, and home fashion wear for a reasonable discounted price. Back in 2020, the company operated over a thousand clothing items in both the U.S and other countries overseas, predominantly in Asia. Ross has also partnered with other retail stores to boost potential sponsorship sales. Some clothing companies may seem useless in the eyes of most people, but in long term wise, clothing company’s make a good investment for the future. 

Classic selling clothing stores make great investments

9. GameStop

GameStop has been specifically tailored to be centered towards most retail companies that offer video games and entertainment products through e-commerce. It has been operating on a fast-moving chain from thousands of stores in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. This company not only sells video games but also gaming hardware, computer software, gaming accessories, and other forms of entertainment. Sense the COVIS19 pandemic, online GameStop stock sales have gone up exponentially from social media exposure. Whoever thought that you could make a big investment by just sitting on the couch and playing video games.


Technological entertainment is something people will invest in for a long time

10. Tesla

Tesla cars have become the ideal electric car of the future. Tesla cars or trucks have excellent design and engineering with a battery revolution that lasts longer than most smartphones and most importantly, it’s eco-friendly for the environment. If anything, this car is an iPhone on wheels. This car is so ahead of its time in driving, its founder and creator of SpaceX Elon Musk reported that Tesla trade investments give you more opportunities to inherit billions in this massive market flow of tech giants. 

The best preforming car makes the number one thing to invest in 


It is never wrong to think long-term for your future choices to invest your money in the best companies helping your fortune grow. Please let me know of any other companies to invest in.