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Organization Apps To Keep Your Life In Order

Organization Apps To Keep Your Life In Order

Organization Apps To Keep Your Life In Order

Staying organized can seem like a chore but it doesn’t need to be. Try some of these organizational apps to help you stay on track.


Taking notes has never been easier than with Evernote. Simply set up an account and start taking notes. Your account is accessible from your phone, laptop app or web browser and syncs automatically. Use this app to keep class notes, audio clips, PDF files, images in neatly organized notebooks so you never have to wonder where you saved a document again. Utilize one of Evernote’s other organizational apps, Scannable, to quickly import any loose paper or images you don’t want to lose.


Are you constantly forgetting what password you used for what account? Look no further than LastPass. This app helps you store all of your password data in one easy place. Now, instead of trying every password you can think of to unlock your e-mail, remember one and let LastPass do the rest.


Google Calendar

While some organizational apps can be complicated, Google Calendar is anything but. Take a hanging calendar to the next level and import maps, goals and route information so you’re never late again. An added benefit is you can easily sync up email invitations to the calendar. This app also lets you organize your calendar by day, three-day, week and month views so you can see what you need to do today and what your future is looking like as well.

Habit List

Staying organized is about more than just staying on top of tasks. Habit List helps users develop good habits, like making your bed every morning, or drinking enough water in a day. You set a goal in the app and get reminders and lets you track your progress so you can see when your goals become part of your routine.



A lot of organizational apps focus on scheduling out your time to specific tasks, but what if you still find yourself falling behind? RescueTime is a computer app that holds you responsible by tracking what you use your time on. Every time you switch to a new window a timer starts, leaving you with an itemized list of where all the time goes. RescueTime fills in where other organizational apps don’t to keep you accountable.

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When your living as a student every penny counts, so track your spending with Shoeboxed. This app allows users to budget buy tracking more than just your credit and debit card purchases. Use Shoeboxed to scan in all of your receipts and it will digitize the data so you’re never left wondering where your money went. This app also helps you to see where you can start saving a bit more.


Do you need to take your time management to the next level? Look no further than Timeful! This app takes what tasks you need to get done and which ones you want to get done and creates the most efficient timetable for you to do it all. Where some organizational apps help you produce your own plan, Timeful makes sure you’re getting the most out of each day with their schedules.



24me is not all that different to other organizational apps except it combines all of them together making it almost a virtual personal assistant. Everything from paying bills, tracking friends birthdays and writing notes is covered by this app. If you don’t have time to do it all by yourself than 24me can automatically complete certain tasks. Staying organized has never been so easy.

What organizational apps do you use to keep your life in check? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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