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7 Handbags to Carry This Winter

7 Handbags to Carry This Winter

Winter is coming. And with that comes winter fashion. Fur coats, beanies, fleece lined leggings, sweaters, hoodies, gloves, boots, and winter handbags. From shoulder bags, to cross body bags, to giant totes, there are so many different kinds of purses to choose from. The right kind of handbag is necessary as the seasons change. This winter, we’re thinking dark colored bags, handbags with faux fur, and statement piece bags are in and trending. Take a look at seven handbags to carry this winter, ranging from low to higher in price, different colors, but all pretty and fashionable.

1. Black Saddle Bag With Plush Handle

 The first handbag in our recommendations is this black saddle bag with a plush handle. This black saddle bag has a long strap so you can carry it over your shoulder and a smaller, black plush handle to carry in hand. What makes this different from the typical black everyday purse is the super soft plush detail on the handle of the bag. Fur is included in many winter fashion pieces from sweaters, jackets, and hats. Fur is always in style during the cold winter season. This plush-perfect black saddle bag will become your everyday handbag for the winter season. Matching so well with your other plush or faux fur clothing items! Click on the picture to be directed to a new tab to purchase this staple accessory that we’re sure you’ll love!


2.Heart-Shaped Faux Fur Handbag

 Next up in our recommendations is this adorable grey heart-shaped faux fur handbag. Sometimes all you need is a small handbag to carry just the essentials with you, your wallet, keys, and phone. Another furry handbag, we can’t get enough of them! This heart-shaped handbag features grey-colored faux fur, complete with a gold chain to carry over your shoulder, or carry in hand with the gold chain with grey fur accent. This bag is perfect for any occasion where you don’t want to be lugging around a huge bag with you. Shopping, going on a date, or ice skating in the park. Add this to your cart, no regrets here!

3. Snake Grain Faux Leather Handbag

Third in our recommendations is this snake grain faux leather handbag. This handbag features a fold over with buckle clasp, gold detailing, a gold chain, a long strap to carry over your shoulder, and a handle to carry in hand. As it reaches the holidays, we’re all attending many dressier dinners and gatherings. If you’re looking for a bag to match more dressed up occasions, opt for this bag here. The gold detailing will match so well with gold jewelry and the twinkling city lights. 

4. Porto Handbag

 This next recommendation is probably not what you would think to see on a list for winter handbags. You’re probably thinking to yourself, how is this fit for the winter season? Hear us out. We’ve mentioned how many outfits in the winter are dark-colored, blacks, greys, and beiges. But, what if you style an all white outfit? White jeans, a cream cable-knit sweater, and a faux fur white jacket. Complete this look with a sage green handbag. Ugh, so perfect! Sage green has been the it- color ever since it trended from that person who had sage green colored cabinets in her kitchen. Green can definitely work for the winter season, too. 


5.  Ponce Handbag

 Next up in our recommendations is this cream-colored furry bag. If you’re the kind of person who needs to bring a lot with you and are always on-the-go, then this bag is the one for you! Need to bring your laptop with you? It’ll fit in this tote! Want to bring a book with you? Yep, there’s room in this bag! Or if you’re stopping by the grocery store on your way home, you can probably even fit the snack you’re craving in this bag! It’s also just the right bag to use during the winter months if you go to school. It can carry all the school supplies you’ll ever need. The ponce handbag is the perfect bag for the typical college student, business woman, any person on-the-go!

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6. 1980s Italian Mink and Leather Handbag

Our next recommendation is this vintage Italian mink and leather handbag. While we don’t support the use of real animal fur and leather for an accessory, there are plenty of other faux fur and leather options available. A fluffy, furry bag will be a great addition to your winter accessories. Another bag that can go with plenty of outfits, matching with blacks, greys, browns, and beige clothing items. If you have fur ear muffs, fur headbands, or fur coats, a bag like this one will pull the entire outfit together. Vintage bags are all the rage, so if you can find one that is faux fur and leather, then we’re sure you’ll love this bag.

7.  Charlotte Top Handle Shoulder Handbag

The last recommendation we have for you on this list is this bright red charlotte top handle shoulder bag. Sometimes a statement bag is what you need. When we’re just trying to find the warmest clothes to wear, you’re not thinking about how everything will compliment each other, and most of the time, you’re slipping into your go-to cozy clothes. Purchasing this bag will solve that problem. With any outfit, this red bag will pop! Making it seem like you aren’t just trying to stay as warm as possible and not freeze your ass off. This purse is also great to hold plenty of your things, and having two carrying options, over the shoulder, or in your hand. We’re sure you’re dying over this red handbag, who says we can’t still have color in the cold, dreary days?



Now that you’ve looked through and imagined yourself wearing one of these handbags, have you landed on one that has caught your attention the most? Or perhaps more than one and you’ve already saved them in your cart. We’re sure that there’s something for everyone on this list. Let us know which bag you’ll be getting and how you’ll be styling it in the comments below!