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Why You Should Consider Trying Hair Toner

Let’s say you’re at the beginning of your hair journey. You want to bleach your hair to a crazy amount, and I get it! I’ve done this to an extent, and I currently love it! But you’ve also got to know what products to use. For example, for the love of all that is good and precious, do not use box dye! I’m begging you! The bleach from it isn’t healthy for your head! Do with salon grade bleach and developer! It’s better and makes your hair look better! 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about hair toner. You should definitely get hair toner. If you have dark hair, and you’re left without hair toner, your hair is definitely going to become brassy and golden. Maybe that’s something you like for the time being, and that’s totally fine and dandy! However, if you’re looking to have a different color to it, then putting in hair toner is definitely going to help you out here.

Why, though? Well, here’s why. 

Why You Need Hair Toner

Many salons and Sally’s recommend you get hair toner, so here’s why. 

First off, hair toner can vastly improve the look and healthiness of your hair. It can also reduce split ends, which I think we all want in our hair regardless.

What hair toner does is change the undertone of your recently bleached hair. It’s definitely not the same as hair dye. Hair toner can change your bleached hair into something that looks more natural. With hair toner, you can also adjust the warmth or cool tones of your hair! 

Hair toner also really helps with strengthening your hair and also balances porosity of your hair. Hair toner can also add to the shine of your hair as well, making it more lively and overall, much better than just leaving the bleach and developer color on your hair. 

How to Use It

Okay, here we go, the juicy stuff! 

If you were ever wondering how in the heck to apply or use hair toner, here it is. This is especially useful when you can’t go to a salon (because of a certain worldwide situation) and you want to do it yourself. 

Using hair toner is pretty simple! Mix your preferred hair toner with your preferred developer at a recommended 1:2 ratio. Work it into your bleached hair by using an applicator brush. Leave it in for 45 minuets, wash that baby out, then wash your toned hair with a moisturizing shampoo along with deep conditioning it afterwards. 

After that, you’re golden! Well, maybe not anymore, but you know what I mean. 

Different Kinds of Toners

This is actually something I didn’t know until last month or so. There’s multiple different types of hair toner! I honestly thought that there was only like one specific one and that’s it. Nope! There’s different kinds. 

So if you’re going for a more intense color change in your bleached hair, getting an ammonia-based hair toner is probably your best option since ammonia-based hair toners can can change the pigment of your hair. This is exactly what we want, too! 

There’s also glosses (Demi-permanent colors) that add color to your hair without lightening it. According to, glosses last for 6-8 weeks, and just fade out of hair, similar to hair dye! 

Hair toners can also be shampoos. Something like purple or blue shampoos work as hair toners as well. Purple shampoo is best for blondes since it eliminates the brassiness from the hair, and blue toned shampoos work best for brunettes since it eliminates those orange tones, as well as adds a bit of shine to that beautiful head of yours. 


Now, normally, in a normal situation, we’d tell you to definitely go to hair salon for bleaching and toning. Usually, salons will tone your bleached hair right afterwards, but according to, you should wait two weeks after you’ve bleached your hair to begin the toning process when you’re doing it at home. 

Remember: purple tone for getting rid of brassy tones, blue for getting rid of those orange tones. 

As for recommendations, I have a few that I think may work well. 

1. Violet Crush Purple Shampoo

This is best for ombre hair, so look out for this one! The Violet Crush Purple shampoo from John Frieda does its job by reducing brassiness, brighten your hair, and even absorbs UV damage! The one warning that gives for this kind of shampoo is to not use it on your roots or else it’ll change the color completely. 

See Also

2. Balance Blue Conditioner

If you’ve got orangey blonde hair like I currently have, then Balance Blue Conditioner is the right thing for you! It’s a blue hair toner so it’s definitely going to get rid of those orange hues, and at the same time, make your hair less frizzy, as well as add shine. And who doesn’t want shiny hair? 

3. Nutrisse Ultra Color Anti-Brass Toner

The Nutrisse Ultra Color Anti-Brass Toner is perfect if you have bleached hair but are also on a budget. If you are, I feel you. 

Anyways, this product has deep conditioning benefits along with being a hair toner. It can be used on natural blondes, and color treated hair! It’s also hydrating. 

4. Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops

A lot 0f websites, articles, and brands tout this as one of the best hair toners out there! Add this hair toner to any of your hair care or styling products, and you’re good to go! It works on many shades of bleached hair, from bleached hair, to dark, to even lighter colors as well. 

5. Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner

Do you have the most platinum or bleached blonde hair that you can think of? Good, because this hair toner is going to work wonders on your head. This also has conditioning benefits so you can get rid of brassiness and make your hair as soft as a baby’s butt. Use this cream hair toner every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair looking as good as you are. 

And now you know why you should definitely consider using hair toner! Honestly, I might as well get hair toner too after all of this. Again, if you’re comfortable with the bleach job that you have right now, that’s perfectly fine, and I’m happy for you! But if you want to change it up, and make your hair look even better than it already does, then do consider getting hair toner. Happy toning! 

Are you considering getting hair toner? Let us know!

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