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What the Modern Day Sharpay Evans Would Wear

The girl with everything one can dream of from diamonds, to riches, and style Sharpay Evans slays in High school with some iconic looks that had to be recreated for today’s IT girl. Over quarantine, you have some to stock up on these iconic pieces to be ready to wear them this spring. 

Big Pink Fur Coat

A great way to get started and feel like Sharpay is by adding an oversized pink fur coat to your wardrobe. The coat is not only a great accessory to add to your outfit when heading to an audition for a leading role in a film for a chilly afternoon filled with shopping. A great thing about this jacket is that you can get one anywhere and still feel just glamorous. If fur is not your thing then go ahead and check out the faux options that still look just as good. With either one of these options, you will be able to look perfect and stylish on any occasion.

White Boots

With some white boots on you will feel like you can take on any shopping spree or audition. The white boots do not just vibe with every outfit you possibly think of but they are also such a throwback to the ’60s. When you want to feel like Sharpay you can throw them on with some cute white shades and you will be ready to go. These boots are most likely going to be available at your favorite shoe boutique because it is such a classic boot that many are in love with. 

Pink Chanel Dress

Everyone loves Chanel and we are sure Sharpay Evans would dominate any performance in this pink dress. This vintage piece is a major throwback to the early 2000s and is perfect to take on whatever the day has in store. A  piece like this might be a little difficult to find since it is a luxury staple that was seen on the runway years ago. But there are many alternatives you can use for a dress that looks like this one, it not might be hand-made in France, but it sure will do justice.

Pink Halter Top

When it’s time for lunch and run errands, a pink halter top is going to be that cute sporty look you go for when you are about to meet up with some friends to rehearse those lines for that big audition. Combining the top with a skirt and those Filas will make a great outfit to enjoy the bright sun. Not only does the pink scream Sharpay but it will make a great addition to your closet this Fall. Finding a similar thing this outfit will not be difficult as many brands love to have fun and create their unique version of a halter top. 

Fila Disruptors

The chunky shoe that you know Sharpay Evans would fall head over sneakers for! For a quick lunch date with a friend or to run errands, the Fila Disruptor 2 would be her newest addition to the wardrobe. With super thick soles on the bottoms to get that extra boost while adding an amazing level of support, this sneaker is a great purchase you will want to make. At any Journeys or Robert Wayne footwear you will be able to find yourself trying on a pair of these unique street-style sneakers. 

Mini Tennis Skirt

A cute addition for any closet is an all-white or pink tennis skirt that you will be able to wear out with those Filas that will complete your look. A great thing about the skirt is that it has recently been in trend and would be parable with many other items in your closet. The look is fantastic for when you decide to go around town for a chill day and do some minor shopping or even for a lunch rehearsal with friends. 

See Also

Chanel Earrings

A girl’s best friend is diamonds and Sharpay Evans likes to shine bright when she takes the stage so adding diamonds to any outfit with some bling will help complete the look. When looking to steal the show, adding some earrings that hang drastically will add some pizazz to our classy outfit for a dinner-time look. Not only do we know Sharpay Evans would have these in her closet but so do other socialites. Khloe Kardashian seen on an episode was shining in the Gucci earrings making them well recognized for the glamour they can add to your closet. Getting your hands on these precious earrings will be a task as they manage to sell out. 

Shiny Heels

A great way to finish on any Sharpay Evans look is with a great pair of heels. Something to feel sexy, powerful, and alive in will give you the confidence needed to show up to show out at any audition for the leading role. With heels in the closet, you will be able to try them on with any outfit because they are just that addition that has the power to transform any outfit into something more. A metallic heel is more than a statement as it speaks for itself on the outfit. With a mini skirt or some tight white pants, the shiny metallic heels are a great addition and have Sharpay Evans written all over them.

Big White Sunglasses

What better way to block out all the haters than with some oversized white sunglasses. A great accessory for when you’re relaxing by the pool with some friends or about to suntan the sunglasses are a key accessory into the world of Sharpay Evans. Many brands have had a great time creating their own version of the sunglasses and have always included an oversized for those who know the value of bug sunglasses. Whether they are designers or not they are going to block out all the haters and have to feel relaxed as you memorize your lines.

What do you think a modern-day Sharpay Evans would wear? Let us know in the comments below!

Adrian Pereda

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