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10 Loungewear Sets That Still Look Chic

Who doesn’t want to hang around in pajamas all day? I know we do! Who says being in pajamas means you have to sacrifice looking cute? That’s where loungewear comes in, it’s dedicated to keeping you comfortable and making sure you remain fashionable. If you’ve been looking for the perfect loungewear, we’re sure you’ll find it in this list!

1. Bold Silk Pajama Set

When you’re just chilling around the house you want to be able to stay true to you! What better way to do loungewear than to stay in your pajamas all day! If you just wanna chill out and remain cute it’s always a good idea to get a fun pajama set so you can be comfy but still remain cute.

Silk pajamas are so comfortable but they look so luxurious and they feel it too. So we recommend investing in a good quality silk pajama set, and what not make it a bold and fun color? You’ll be able to wear your pajamas around all day and still look stylish. Win-win!

2. Slouchy Monochrome Set

The whole point of loungewear is to remain comfortable and relaxed while still looking like you didn’t just roll out of bed. The whole idea is just for you to look a little bit more put together. One rule in fashion is that a monochrome look will always look put together no matter what you’re wearing.

A monochrome loungewear set can be as slouchy and as comfortable as you want it and it’ll still look very fashionable because everything matches. A matching set in a solid color will always be a great way to go and especially in a neutral tone like the set pictured below.

3. Monochrome Bra Top, Cardigan, And Pant Set

Is this even considered loungewear? It’s way too cute! This is the type of loungewear that’s so cute that when you wear it out in public you’ll have people stopping you and asking where you got your outfit. Little do they know its the comfiest thing in the world!

Like we said, anything that is monochrome is always a chic look and having a three piece set like this just look so stylish and put together. This set is also a great investment because you could incorporate each item into your daily wear. You can wear the bra top with some cute jeans or shorts, the cardigan with some leggings and a tank, and the pants with the cut tank top. The combination with this set are endless!

4. Matching Slouchy Cardigan And Shorts Set

This loungewear set is super cute for days when you have some company coming over but you don’t want to get dressed all the way. It’s the perfect combination of relaxed and chic and even if you needed to run a few casual errands this would be a great set to have.

Something to keep in mind when buying loungewear is to remember that buying neutral tones will always be a better investment that way you can incorporate the loungewear pieces into daily wear. Because this set is a pretty beige you could pair the cardigan with any type of bottoms and dress it up and wear it anywhere!

5. Detailed Tank And Shorts Set

If you want a comfy set for the house but you want to give a little umf then having a set with a little bit of detail like this one will take your loungewear to the next level! The woven details and the fringe on this set give it something special and definitely make it more stylish.

If you were to have this set without the detailing it would be still be cute, but it just wouldn’t be the same. If you were to wear this set at the sleepover there would be no doubt that everyone would want to know where you got it.

6. Vibrant Sweater And Shorts Set

If you want a loungewear set that is a little less basic and a lot more fun then try out a set with a vibrant color and pattern. This is a great way to really show your personality and buy something that you genuinely enjoy.

This matching sweater and shorts set is so comfy and again you could definitely wear the sweater with some jeans and sneakers to go run some errands. If you decide to go with a vibrant print like this we recommend to make sure it’s a matching set so that way everything remains cohesive and fashionable.

7. Tie Dye Set

To keep on the theme of fun patterns and colors we recommend to try out a tie dye set! Tie dye has been super trendy in the past year and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So if you’re looking for a print that’s on trend tie dye will be your best option!

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Another great thing about tie dye is that you can get it in all different colors so if vibrant and rainbow isn’t your fav you can opt for a neutral tone tie dye to keep it more plain.

8. Sporty Print Set

If you’re looking for a more sporty look then this is the loungewear style for you! A thin cropped hoodie and joggers will give you an athletic vibe. It’s also another great option if you want to show your figure off! The cropped hoodie will show some skin and the fitted joggers will give some definition to the left if you are looking for something with less of a relaxed fit.

To take this look up a notch, buying it in a trendy print will make it the much more fashionable.

9. 3 Piece Matching Top, Cardigan, And Shorts Set

Similar to the three piece set with pants, having a three piece set with shorts is just as chic. These are all pieces that can be mixed and matched with anything around your wardrobe so it’s always a great buy.

10. Classic Hoodie And Sweats Combo

Of course we had to include the most classic loungewear set of all time, the hoodie and sweats combo. This is still the fan favorite and you can see all the celebs and influencers still wearing sweat sets all around town. It’s just something you can never go wrong with especially if it’s a monochrome set.

At the end of the day when it comes to finding the perfect loungewear anything goes! You can mix and match any style, color, or pattern and make it your own. There’s no right or wrong so just stay true to you!

Which loungewear set do you like best? Let us know in the comments down below!

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