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What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At Michigan State University

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At Michigan State University

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At Michigan State University

Sorority recruitment at Michigan State University, if you made it through or not, is an unusual, friendly and fulfilling process. In the end, you always end up where you should be, wherever that may be. Whether you never wanted to, dropped midway or survived the process, we all can laugh and enjoy what really goes on behind the scenes of joining a sorority!

1. The Early Hour Wake Up Calls

No one ever puts into thought how early your alarm must be set to be completely ready dolled up head to toe and out the door by 7 am. Doing your hair and makeup while groggy and still asleep isn’t as enjoyable as the end outcome might look. Your mornings consist of inhaling hairspray for a hour straight to where the smell now haunts you of recruitment and having to figure out how you’re suppose to make your makeup look flawless for 12 hours plus. By the end of the day, coming home to your bed and a shower never sounded so good.

2. Meeting Long Time Friends on the Lawn

When every girl in recruitment on the lawn is experiencing the same long days, excessive talking, and aching feet, it’s the best time to bond. Meeting the girls on the lawns give you long time friends that you can express your fears, excitement, and rush to get recruitment over with. It also adds excitement to see which houses you all end up in and to see where you belong.



3. Obnoxious Fraternity Boys

Everyone on campus is aware sorority recruitment is going on whether they already knew about it or the hundreds of girls dressed up all over campus reminds them it’s that time of year again. This gets the fraternity boys excited and gives them an excuse to be obnoxious to the soon-to-be sorority pledge classes. Whether it’s playing football in front of the house so they can see the new faces of Greek life or screaming out the windows at every girl walking by, the embarrassment is at an all time high, but hopefully you’re able to laugh about it afterwards.


4. Excessive 5 Minute Conversations

A huge part of recruitment includes introducing yourself and explaining why you’re here and who you are. This can be fun for the first few times, deciding what you want to share about who you are. But it can get old fast. Days after days at different houses meeting different girls your voice becomes strained and when talking about yourself it almost sounds rehearsed. You’ll meet girls throughout the way who don’t even have voices anymore from talking so much and having to scream over all the conversations going on in the house. Although, now you have a perfected introduction about yourself for the future.


5. First Impressions Matter

No matter what anyone says, you learn that first impressions make a difference. Whether it’s how you present yourself or how you introduce yourself, it matters. Almost everyone during recruitment are strangers to one another and you may not see that person again, meaning those 5 minutes could be a major part of your future days in recruitment. At the beginning the pressure is intense, but you soon realize you have to do the best you can do and see where that takes you. It also gives you a hint of the real world, you never know who you’ll see that day so always be ready.

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6. The Excitement of Soon Having Sisters

Every sorority girl knows the term “sisters” will have a big meaning to them but also will be a laughable joke as well. Whether its your boyfriend, best friends or frat boys you’ll be hearing “sisters” many times. Although it’s a funny joke it’s also a real thing. The bond you have with your sorority and your pledge class is unlike any other. Recruitment brings so many different kinds of girls together from places all over and brings you friends you’ll have for a lifetime. While going through the crazy ups and downs throughout college, you can always fall back on your sisters knowing that they’ll always be there for you.

What was your experience with sorority recruitment at Michigan State!? Share in the comments below!

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