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5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you have on. Accessories have the capability to make a cute and simple getup even greater, and they’re an essential part of your outfit. Whether you’re into statement or dainty pieces, accessories can elevate your style and showcase your personality. If you’re an avid online shopper and are in search of some really amazing websites where you can purchase accessories, I’ve come up with this list of 5 of them that offer the cutest, hippest, and trendiest accessories for you to check out!

1. Elisabeth Ashlie

From jewelry to hair to scarves to totes to candles to drinkware, you can find all types of accessories on Elisabeth Ashlie. This company prides itself in handmade, I repeat: handmade, jewelry and has expanded into other goods and accessories. From their wide variety of fashion accessories, goodies, and curated boxes to their incredible prices, they make it super accessible for you to find items that you will instantly fall in love with upon first glance on their website. Elisabeth Ashlie is your one-stop shop for effortless style!

Price Range: $12 – $50 

5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

2. BaubleBar

BaubleBar offers super fun, creative, and trendy jewelry and accessories. Their mission is to make it easy for you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with style. You may have seen their brand in stores such as Target and Nordstrom, but their official website offers a massive array of accessories and a sales section that has items for up to 60% off! You’ll be sure to find the latest pieces that will give your outfit that extra oomph on their website!

Price Range: $15 – $75

5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

3. XIO By Ylette

Highly featured and promoted by her sister, beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights, XIO By Ylette is an online jewelry store founded by Ylette Luis that offers some of the most beautiful and trendy collection and custom pieces. Her company even offers a monthly subscription bag that includes 3 to 4 trendy accessories in your preferred finish – gold plated or sterling silver. It’s so worth it because you get amazing pieces to add to your collection that have an overall value of over $150 for just $60 each month. You definitely need to check XIO out for some of the trendiest pieces in fashion.

Price Range: $20 – $200 

5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

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4. Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal offers a huge variety of the cutest accessories and jewelry. You’ll find handmade and US-made pieces that you never knew you needed through this Seattle based shop. Their mission seeks to represent and celebrate more than 100 designers, and 7% of all proceeds that they receive is donated to non-profit organizations. On the lookout for those super trendy ’90s tiny sunglasses? They’ve got ’em! Wondering where to get the hippest new earring styles? You can browse through five pages of some of the most beautiful pairs on their website! Find all things related to fashion and beauty on Moorea Seal, and join them in pushing for inclusivity in retail!

Price Range: $10 – $500 

5 Websites To Get The Trendiest Accessories

5. Romwe

If you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks or so for your items to be delivered, then Romwe is perfect for purchasing and staying up to date with the latest trends since they’re always adding new items on their website! Shopping for accessories on their website is also a great way to try Romwe out for the first time if you’ve been a little hesitant. They have some really chic accessories for insanely low prices, so you don’t have to feel like you wasted money if you end up not liking your experience.

Price Range: $1 – $25

What are some of your favorite websites to shop for the trendiest accessories? Will you be checking out any of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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